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Walking Aids

Walking aids will get you back on your feet by providing stability and reassurance.

Walking Aids - Offering You Safety & Stability When Walking

Walking aids are a great way of aiding with independence and stability when walking unaided has become painful, tiring or even dangerous.

We have a choice of either 3 wheeled walkers (usually just known as ‘tri-walkers’) or 4 wheeled rollators to choose from depending on your preference or ability.

These types of walking aids are great for promoting independence as they offer more support than a cane and take away the need to resorting to a wheelchair.

Our walking aids all come with wheels on each leg so that they are easy to push and don’t require to be lifted up for each movement.

Whichever walking aid you are interested in we have compiled detailed guides on both, so simply click on the categories below to learn more about the various walking aid features you need to be aware of.

You can learn more by viewing our mini-guide to walking aids further down this page.

Common Questions About Walking Aids

What Is The Difference Between A Tri-Walker And A Rollator?

The main difference is that a tri-walker (as the name suggests) has three wheels whilst a rollator will have four.

Although this seems like a small difference, the practicalities of using them are actually quite large.

As a rule of thumb a four wheel rollator offers more stability, so if safety is a priority you should opt for one of these.

On the other hand, thanks to its single front wheel a tri-walker is very easy to manoeuvre, so if ease of use is a priority you should look at tri-walkers.

Generally a person with only slight mobility issues will find a tri-walker gives them the stability they need whilst someone with increased mobility or stability issues will get the most use out of a four wheel rollator.

Things To Consider About Tri-Wheel Walkers:

  • They are more lightweight than four wheel versions
  • This make them easier to manoeuvre
  • They can virtually turn on the spot
  • They are generally narrower, making them better for indoor use
  • They can fold down quickly and easily
  • They are not weight load bearing
  • They don’t come with a travel seat


Things To Consider About Four Wheel Rollators:

  • The extra frame size makes them heavier but this helps give added stability
  • The weight is spread over four legs so they are easier to push over rough terrain
  • The generally have a higher maximum user weight limit
  • The added size makes them better for outdoor use
  • They come with a travel seat

Do You Need A Travel Seat Or Not?

Due to space limitations a tri-walker generally only comes complete with a storage bag and little else.

However, due to the design of a four wheel rollator, they come with some kind of integrated seat that you can use anywhere you like.

For example, here is the Days Lightweight Rollator in action:


Different rollator designs have varying levels of comfort and different styles of backrest to help provide you with the support you need.

See each rollator for more information about the seat design and the backrest they use.

If you would feel like a seat like this would benefit you so that you can rest wherever you are out then a rollator is a must have walking aid.

Why not try out a walking aid!

You are very welcome to visit any of our Hearing & Mobility stores and try out our range of tri-wheel walkers and rollators in person.

When there you can get the best advice from any of our friendly staff who will be glad to show you all the features of all kinds of walking aids and advise you on the best one to meet your needs.

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