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Van Os Universe 4 Mobility Scooter

318310DBUniverse 4 Dark Blue Metallic
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318310BUniverse 4 Macadamia Brown
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318310OUniverse 4 Gallardo Orange
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318310WUniverse 4 White Metallic
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Van Os Universe 4 Mobility Scooter

If you’re looking for a medium sized scooter which is capable of getting you places fast, then the Van Os Universe 4 might be your ideal choice.

Offering a more slim-line design over other class 3 scooters whilst still retaining its upper top speed of 8mph, this scooter offers a great mixture of indoor and outdoor use.

Offering you a great level of independence due to its large 50Ah battery which gives a wonderful range of around 18 to 21 miles, the Universe 4 is ideal for letting you complete daily tasks with ease.
Technical specifications:

• Total width: 64cm
• Height rear: 122cm
• Height front: 105cm
• Total length: 128cm (including anti-tipper wheels and an optional crutch holder)
• Seat width: 47cm
• Seat height: 46cm
• Armrest height: 16-25cm
• Total seat width: 47cm
• Wheelbase: 95cm
• Ground clearance: 10cm
• Radius: 80cm
• Total weight (incl. batteries): 118kg
• Total weight (excl. batteries): 88kg
• Max. user weight: 135 kg
• Speed: 12 km/h* (8 mph*)
• Range: 30-35km with 50Ah

Van Os Universe 4 Mobility Scooter - Key Features

Go where you want, when you want

Although it is on the slighter side when it comes to a class 3 travel scooter, this model is still well capable of travelling over rougher terrain and on the roads.

Although we recommend you stick to the pavement or pedestrianised areas as much as is possible, there may be times when you will find riding on the road is suitable.

When you do take it to these areas you must be very competent with the controls, have a great understanding of your abilities, can drive safely and sensibly, have a great knowledge of road law and you have a great awareness of what is going on around you at all times.

When you do ride on the road you are permitted to travel at its upper speed which is 8mph, but when you take it in an area with other pedestrians you are legally not allowed to exceed 4mph.

Easy to use and modify to suit you

Like all good mobility scooters, the Galaxy Universe 4 is widely adjustable so that you can operate the controls without having to strain yourself or stretch.

The seat height is adjustable in four different positions between 45cm to 55cm so that you can lay your feet down flat with comfort, and you can also adjust the headrest so that it safely meets the back of your head correctly for safety.

The armrests are a very important part of a scooter as they help to prevent fatigue building up as you ride along. Because of this the armrests on the Universe 4 are adjustable in their width, their height and at what angle they are locked into.

After modifying the seat you may find that the handlebars and the tiller are either too close or too far away for your hands to grip onto naturally, so this can easily be modified as well. You can not only adjust the height of the steering column but you can also adjust the angle as well so that the handlebars meet your hands as naturally as possible.

Stay noticed – Stay safe

Although you should do all you can to avoid using it when it’s dark, sometimes there may be a time when it is unavoidable.

As you may be mixing with other road users and other pedestrians when visibility will be lowered it is vital that you not only have a system for illuminating the path ahead but also so that you are easy to be noticed.

There is a powerful headlight on the front which is great for showing you any upcoming obstacles coming your way and also makes it obviously that you are heading someone’s way.

Similarly on the rear there are easy to see brake lights so people know that you are stopping as well bright indicators on either side to show that you are about to turn.

Although it should hopefully never have to be used, as a further safety feature there is a shock bumper on the front to help absorb any knocks and bumps against posts and walls.

Easy to get on and off

Depending on your own level of mobility there are generally two ways of getting on or off the very comfortable luxury captain seat of the Universe 4.

The first way would be to simply flip up one of the side armrests and then slide over laterally, possibly stepping onto the scooter first. This technique is fine if you have enough mobility to do it, but if you have more limited strength there is another way you can do it.

The whole seat is situated on a seating post which will allow it to be swivelled in 360 degrees, so what you can do is simply turn the chair to face outwards, back onto the seat using the armrests to help you and then use the swivelling motion of the seat to help you turn in to face the handlebars.

When you do this make sure of these three things:

• The scooter is off and securely parked
• You are on level ground
• The seat properly locks in before you set off.

Interested in a free home trial on the Van Os Universe 4 Scooter?

We think that there is no substitute for physically trying a scooter out for yourself before you buy it, so for this reason we might be able to arrange a free home demo for you if you are interested.

We have several shops across the country and our engineers can come and visit you with the scooter to demonstrate its features and benefits for you first hand. You will be able to get a great feel for the scooter as well and learn how to operate it, how its movement and braking system works and you will get a better understanding of how it could benefit you on a day to day basis.

To learn more please contact us today on 0800 0334 060 to see how we can help you become more independent.

0800 0334 060

The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

If you would like more general information on mobility scooters then the following guide will be ideal.

The guide is totally free and will really help you understand the different features of a mobility scooter and how they can help you.

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.