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Van Os Galaxy II Mobility Scooter

318235BR4 Wheel Macadamia Brown
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3183250BL4 Wheel Blue
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318235B4 Wheel Midnight Black
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318235O4 Wheel Spice Orange
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The Van Os Galaxy II Mobility Scooter

A supremely attractive and comfortable to ride 8mph mobility scooter, the Galaxy II scooter offers you the freedom to go where you need to be.

Available in 4 distinctly coloured shrouds to match your own style, this model comes with a huge twin 75Ah battery pack to offer you an enormous travelling range on a single charge of around 31 miles.

With full suspension to tackle any rougher ground as you travel, this is a scooter designed to take you places in comfort.

Technical Specifications:

• Total length - 146 cm
• Total width - 65 cm
• Total height - 130 cm
• Seat width - 51 cm
• Seat depth - 46 cm
• Seat height( from the ground) - 65 cm
• Backrest height ( with headrest) - 65 cm
• Backrest height ( without headrest) - 49 cm
• Front wheels - 12”
• Rear wheels - 12”
• Maximum user weight - 160 kg (25.2st)
• Ground clearance - 13 cm
• Maximum speed - 12.8 km/h (8mph)
• Maximum turning range - 161 cm
• Batteries - 2 x 12V / 75 Ah
• Weight (with batteries) - 136 kg
• Weight (without batteries) - 87 kg
• Weight (without seat) - 66 kg

Van Os Galaxy II Mobility Scooter

Legal for use on the road or pavement

As a class 3 scooter, this model has been designed to be travelled in for the duration of your whole trip so there may be times on your journey that you have to take it onto the road.

Whilst riding on the road should be avoided as much as possible, when you do ride on the road you should always try to make yourself as safe as possible, and this involves riding in an unobtrusive and sensible way, having a great knowledge of road law and being confident in your own abilities and the control of the scooter as well.

When you ride on the road you are allowed to use it to its maximum upper speed limit of 8mph, but you should note that when you use it in pedestrianised areas you legally cannot exceed 4mph.

To know whether you are in this limit there is a handy switch which automatically halves your speed so that you know you cannot go faster than the allowed limit. On the centralised control panel there is also a speed adjustment knob which gives you finer control of your speed.

With a huge potential upper range of around 31 miles, you will be able to stay out for a long time on a single charge, allowing you to get more tasks done.

Full Suspension for great comfort:

To help take the shake and vibration out as you ride there is a great suspension system on the Galaxy II which gives a wonderful dampening effect over rough ground.

Even when we take a scooter around more built up area, sometimes pavements and roads are not always what they should be in terms of their finish, plus you will have to encounter various other everyday bumps such as kerb drops and drains.

Because there is such a huge upper range you are likely to be sitting in the seat for a lengthy period of time whilst you use the scooter so it is very important that you are kept comfortable because when you are relaxed you will find it easier to control.

Great Safety Features:

Because you might be mingling with other road users it is vital that you are kept as visible as possible.

To help you in this regards this scooter comes complete with a full lighting package, including a powerful LED headlight on the front, rear brake lights and indicators.

Because the scooter is driven using an electric system it is very quiet so these lights are also great for letting other pedestrians now that you are riding up behind them as the powerful headlight gives an easy to see visual indicator of your presence.

Because you may be transferring on and off pavements it is very important that you can see quickly what is happening behind you so there are two rear-view mirrors coming off the handlebars so that you can get a quick indication to see what the traffic is like behind you.

These are there aid you so please ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied that you are in no danger before pulling out into places where other road users might potentially be driving close to you.

Although the brakes are applied automatically when the control lever is not pressed, there is an additional handbrake near the top of the tiller which will give a quick and sudden stop should you so require it. We suggest that you practices using this slowly at first somewhere unobtrusive and out of the way so that you get a feel for how it works - Hopefully you will never have to use this feature!

Two ways to get on or off the scooter:

Depending on your own particular level of mobility, there are two distinct ways of getting on or off the seat of the scooter.

The simplest way is have the seat locked in and facing forward, and you simply swivel the armrest upwards and then slide onto the scooter sideways.

However, if you find that this is painful to do or if you find that you have difficulties with safety when performing this there is an alternate way of getting on and that is to swivel in.

To do this you can disengage the seat and turn it face 90 degrees outwards and then you can back yourself up onto the seat and then you can use the seat to swivel yourself in.

Would you like to try out the Van Os Galaxy II Mobility Scooter for yourself?

We have many shops across the country so if you are interested in a demonstration, why not get in touch us today to see whether we can arrange one for you.

A demonstration can actually be performed at your own home at you convenience as our engineers can come to you for free. They can also demonstrate all of the features and benefits to you first hand.

Getting to use something for yourself is the best way to know whether it is right for you so if you would like to find out if the Galaxy II is the scooter to meet your needs for free, please give us a call on 0800 0334 060 and we will do all we can to help you.

0800 0334 060

The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.