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Tri Wheeled Walkers

Tri walkers are wonderful walking aids designed to improve your general mobility and to help you get active outdoors.

Although you should talk to qualified healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist for advice before purchasing one, a walking aid such as this will help you get where you need to go.

With only three wheels, the turning circle on these walking aids are tighter than their larger 4 wheel rollator cousins so they are more adept at getting you around tighter spaces such as around the house or in shops and supermarkets.

For a quick overview of their parts, you can view our guide to three wheel walkers below.

Tri walkers – a quick buyers guide

As an aid to help you with your general mobility, it is vital that you are suitable to use one and that you can so safely. To help you understand them better we have created this overview of their parts and features:


All of the wheels on all of our 3 wheel walkers are solid and puncture proof so that you can use them with confidence knowing that they won’t leave you stranded.

Tri Walker wheels

On the rear two points they will be statically fixed, but on the front there will be a castor wheel which will allow you to easily manoeuvre the walker in 360 degrees.

The castor will allow you to easily swivel it around when you want to turn but will keep straight when you are going forward, giving you total control.


Perhaps the most important feature when it comes to safety, brakes will help you to stay in control.

As a walking aid which has a wheel on each leg, it is very important that you can maintain a good grasp on the brakes, especially when it comes to using them down a slope. 

Loop brakes:

Operated just like a bicycle brake you simply squeeze on the handle lever to transfer friction down onto the rear wheels.

Although these are designed to be easily pulled on even if you have a slightly diminished grip, this type of brake may not be suitable if you have a severe problems with your hand dexterity. Contact us on 0800 0334 060 if this is the case.

We strongly suggest you practise using the brakes on a level piece of ground somewhere quiet first so that that you get used to the stopping motion before using it around other pedestrians and road users.


Because these have been designed to be taken to the shops, you will want a way of keeping items close to hand.

All of these tri walkers either come with a vinyl bag as standard or with a separate bag which can be attached separately:

Easy and straightforward to fit on, the bag sits easily in the centre of the frame between all three wheels so that it avoids knocking into your knees.

As well as this though a basket and tray can come either as standard or as an optional extra which makes it easier to load up more items on your three wheel walker.

This is placed forward of the struts of the handlebars so you are better off putting lighter items in here as you don’t want to overload it with weight, potentially causing an imbalance. The basket does sit behind the front castor wheel so it is fairly central on the frame so this shouldn’t be a problem:

Type & weight of the frame

Speaking of weight, the weight of the frame itself is also an important consideration when choosing a tri walker.

Available either in steel or in aluminium, your preference will be based on your needs.

If you are going to be going up and down a lot of kerbs then you should consider a lighter aluminium model as it can get tiring tilting and lifting the walker constantly up and down. For this reason one of our best sellers is the Days lightweight aluminium tri-walker as it is the easiest one to manoeuvre owing to its weight of only 5kg (which is roughly 11lbs).

Of course, you may not need this feature and you may simply prefer a heavier steel frame for a feeling of sturdiness – the choice is yours.

If you want to physically feel the difference in weight you can call one of our shops to see whether we have the two types available for you to try out in your nearest branch – contact us on 0800 0334 060 for more details.

Foldable for storage

All rollators and tri walkers are foldable in some form or another so that they can be taken with you and stored unobtrusively wherever you go.

Normally, even when they are folded they can stay upright so that they are easy to pick back up when you need to use it again :

If you are planning on taking it on a bus it might be worth checking ahead with the bus company to find out what their policy is in regards to walking aids.

The reason for this is because they all have different rules when it comes to items such as prams and wheelchairs so you don’t want to be refused entry onto a busy bus because of your walker.

It shouldn’t be a problem but it is best to be prepared before you set off.

Adjustable grip height

You will note that the two grip handles are available to be adjusted in their height to suit you.

After the brakes, this feature is perhaps one of the most important as having the handles set to the correct height will stop you from having to stoop down or strain yourself when you are pushing it.

Having the grips set to a natural height will make life far easier for you to walk with it and will make it easier for you to operate safely, so it is very important that you adjust them to suit you before you set off for the first time.

The handles are easily adjusted at any time, usually via an easy to turn hand knob somewhere near the base of the handle strut:

Just remember to ensure that everything is tightened up to its fullest and everything is locked in place before you apply your weight to the walker.

Would you like any further information on tri walkers or any other walking aids?

Should you be unsure as to whether you are looking to purchase the right one for you, we have several shops across the country so you can speak directly to one of our store managers should you so wish and they will be glad to assist you in any way they can.

Although you are welcome to purchase online, you will be able to try out a 3 wheel walker for yourself in one of our shop although the stock may be different compared to what is available online so please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

If you want to finds out what they have in stock simply give our centralised number a call on 0800 0334 060 and ask to be placed through to your nearest shop and we will do all we can to help make life easier for you.