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Travelux Zoom Mini Mobility Scooter

318266OTravelux Zoom Mini Gallardo Orange
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318266WTravelux Zoom Mini Carrera White
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318266BTravelux Zoom Mini Cooper Blue
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Travelux Zoom Mini Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter designed to get you around the shops with ease, the Travelux Zoom Mini is an ultra-compact boot scooter which can transport you in style.

With compact overall dimensions and a tight turning radius of 97cm, the scooter has been designed to fit easily in small spaces and to be easily be ridden around most high street shops.

The smaller design also means that it is nice and lightweight so that it can easily be transported in most car boots.

If you are looking for a great pavement scooter which has plenty of, is easy to customise and is straightforward to use, then the Travelux Zoom Mini might be the ideal choice for you.

Technical specifications:

• Length - 101cm
• Width - 50cm
• Front wheels - 8”
• Rear wheels - 8”
• Ground clearance - 4cm
• Turning radius - 97cm
• Slope incline - 6ᵒ
• Maximum speed - 7km/h (4mph approx.)
• Battery range - 12 km
• Batteries - 2 x 12Ah
• Weight complete - 47.5kg
• Weight of seat - 9.5kg
• Weight of the batteries - 7.5kg
• Maximum user weight - 113kg

Key Features Of The Travelux Zoom Mini Mobility Scooter

Easy to take with you in your car

This scooter has been designed to be split down into its component parts so that it can be easily taken with you on a car journey.

Whilst there are detailed instructions supplied with it when it gets delivered to you, the steps you must take are really quite simple.

Requiring no tools to perform so that you can easily assemble and dissemble it anywhere you are, the amount you need to take it down is subject to the size of your boot. As a reference, the scooter comes in seven separate parts, the largest being the front section which includes the tiller.

This tiller part is the most fragile so you should always take extra care when transporting this as well as avoiding holding or lifting it up by it. Try to avoid any weight being placed on top of any part of your scooter whilst you have it in our car.

We would recommend that you find a way of protecting the separate parts of the scooter to help minimise the possibility of damage.

Also, whilst you should always attempt to avoid exposing your scooter to any amount of water, there may well be an inevitable time when you ride on wet ground which can get muddy. A protective blanket will also be a good idea just to keep your boot clean!

Modify the driving position to suit you

Like all good mobility scooters, the position you are seated at can be changed to make things easier and more comfortable for you.

This will mainly involve using the adjustable knob found on the base of the tiller to angle it either towards or away from so that you won’t have to reach or strain yourself to operate the lever controls.

Should you find the use of a mobility scooter to be beneficial it is likely that you also find getting in and out of a chair or seat difficult as well.

To help you with this, the seat is situated on a centralised pole which can be swivelled around 360 degrees (locked in at 45 degree angles). The benefit to this is that you can get in and out of the scooter without having to balance yourself and turn yourself onto the seat after stepping onto the footplate – you can simply turn the chair to face outwards, ease yourself onto the chair and use the swivelling mechanism to turn yourself in to face the handlebars.

This must be performed on level ground with the scooter in a stationary position – always ensure that the seat is locked into the correct position before turning it back on.

Convenient storage and charging

When it comes to the storage of a scooter, sometimes space can be a real problem.

However, if you are concerned about the storage options in your own home, then the Travelux Zoom Mini might be perfect for you as it has such a small footprint.

Dissembling it down into its parts is a great way of saving on storage space as you won’t have to leave a full scooter standing up, potentially making life inconvenient for you.

When it is split down into its parts however, you may well wonder how you are supposed to charge it. The answer is actually quite simple as the supplied charger can refill the battery ‘off-board’.

What this means is that you can totally remove the battery and charge it away from the rest of the scooter somewhere and charge it in a place which is unobtrusive and convenient for you.

However, if you do happen to have a dry shed or garage with a power supply you can still keep it in one piece and charge it as it is, so you have the option of both.

The scooter will come with detailed battery care instructions so please make every effort to follow them closely as improper care will likely result tin the expected lifetime of them decreasing and their overall effectiveness decreasing.

Great for shopping

As you may see from the images, as well as having a handy front basket as standard this model also features an easy to reach basket found near the bottom of the seat.

This secondary basket is a great feature as it is cleverly designed and positioned to sit unobtrusively away from your legs and doesn’t interfere with the way you interact with the scooter.

As a class 2 pavement scooter with an upper range of 12km (just over 7 miles), this Zoom Mini can only be ridden on areas where pedestrians are also allowed so it has been designed to aid you to complete daily tasks around town with ease.

Want to get out and about on the Travelux Zoom Mini Mobility Scooter?

If you think that this scooter might help make life easier for you and you are interested in it why not get in touch with us today and see whether we can arrange a free home demonstration on it where you live.

Give us a call on 0800 0334 060 to see whether you are within one of our catchment areas where one of our friendly engineers can come and visit you to show you first hand all the features and benefits of the Zoom Mini.

0800 0334 060

The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.