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Travelux Tiempo Mobility Scooter

This product qualifies for VAT exemption
£899.17 ex VAT
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This product qualifies for VAT exemption
£899.17 ex VAT
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This product qualifies for VAT exemption
£899.17 ex VAT
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Travelux Tiempo Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter which is easy to use and simple to transport in most cars, the Tiempo is a supremely well-built and comfortable boot scooter.

Able to be quickly and easily dissembled without the use of tools, the Tiempo has been designed to be lightweight enough to be easily picked up and placed in the boot of a car.

Coming with 2 x 12Ah batteries as standard, this great scooter is ideal if you are looking for a boot scooter which can easily and swiftly take you around the shops

Technical specifications:

• Total length - 106cm
• Total width - 55cm
• Total height - 88cm-94cm
• Seat width - 43cm
• Seat depth - 40cm
• Backrest height - 40cm
• Front wheels - 8”
• Rear wheels - 8”
• Anti-tip wheels - 2”
• Maximum user weight - 135kg
• Ground clearance - 6cm
• Maximum speed - 7.2km/h
• Maximum turning range - 99 cm
• Maximum slope gradient - 6ᵒ
• Batteries - 2 x 12Ah
• Weight battery pack - 9.5kg
• Weight - 52 kg
• Weight (exclusive of battery pack) - 42.5kg
• Weight seat with armrests - 9.5kg
• Operating range - 12 km*

Get Mobile With The Tiempo Mobility Scooter

Designed with lightness and ease of use in mind, this model is what’s known as a ‘boot scooter’ as they are extremely swift to dismantle, extremely compact when folded up into its parts and can easily be taken in and out of car boot by most users.

Splitting down into five distinct parts, this process does not involve the use of tools so it is super quick to do and is supremely convenient because it can be done anywhere you like. It is very simple to put in your boot, get it out at the carpark of a shop and put it together and go!

Conversely, when you are ready to head home you can just roll up straight to the boot of your car and take it apart there and then in only moments. When you do place it in the boot do take care not to lift it by the plastic body parts or by the wheels as this could cause both damage and injury to the scooter and to yourself.

Adjustable Tiller and swivel seat

When riding along it is very important for safety that you are not overly reaching, stretching or straining to operate the controls and that you are a hundred percent comfortable with how everything is set up.

When it comes to using virtually any mobility scooter there will be a degree of customisation to get things just right for you, and the Tiempo is no exception.

To place the controls in the ideal position you can adjust the control knob found on the base of the tiller (the central steering stick) to help you move the delta handlebars either nearer or further away from you. These wraparound style handlebars are of particular benefit to those who have any issue with the strength of their grip as they allow you to rest your hands on them and to control the lever in a variety of different ways.

When it comes to getting on or off the scooter itself the seat is situated on a centralised post which is able to swivel around at different angles.

To help you get on and off the scooter, you can swivel the seat so that it faces outwards, ease yourself onto it and use the free swivelling motion of the seat to turn yourself to get into the driving position. All of this is controlled by a lever found on the underside of the seat and you must make sure you do this whilst the scooter is on a level piece of ground and is stationary.

Anti-tip wheels

These are used as a last resort great for protecting you when going up a steep slope.

As a smaller class 2 you should refrain from heading up a slope which has a gradient which exceeds 6 degrees, which is within its safe limit.

The way the anti-tip wheels is another reason why you should always go up (or down) a slope parallel to the slope and never at an angle. The anti-tip wheels protrude straight out from behind the rear wheels so they will only be of use as a safety feature of you are pointing straight up the hill.

Should you go on an angle this could cause an imbalance that is off the lengthways axis and the anti-tip wheels won’t be able to stop you crashing.

This is easily avoided however by paying close attention to the supplied advice, driving with care and attention and never risking anything.

Great for using in shops

As one of the more compact scooters available on the market, this transfers over to its fantastic turning circle range of only 99cm.

Designed primarily for indoor use, this tight circle will really help you navigate down shopping aisles as well as help you get around any kind of tight corner or obstacle which you come across. To perform the tightest circle you must come to a complete stop, adjust the speed to its lowest setting and lock the tiller left or right.

Again, for safety please don’t attempt very tight or sudden turns when travelling at speed as you may cause it to become very suddenly unstable and cause yourself or others an injury.

Think the Tiempo is the pavement scooter for you?

If you are thinking that this type of scooter is exactly what you are looking for but you are unsure whether it is right for you, please get in touch with us today and we may be able to come to you and offer you a free test drive on it!

Our phone number is 0800 0334 060 and we have many different shops around the country so we will do all we can to help get mobile again. The Tiempo is one of our most popular class 2 scooters so we hope that we can show you why for yourself!

0800 0334 060

The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.