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Transit Wheelchairs

Transit wheelchairAbout Our Transit Wheelchairs


Transit wheelchairs have small rear wheels and are designed to be propelled by a carer or an attendant by pushing the user along.

Designed both for indoor and outdoor use, there are several key things to consider before purchasing a transit wheelchair.

We have created a detailed guide to wheelchairs in general which can be found here, but as a very quick overview here are the key considerations below on what to consider whilst looking for a transit wheelchair to buy.


Foldable or not foldable Many of the chairs have a frame which is foldable so that they can be easily taken with you on a car journey or stored away at home unobtrusively.

Many of the models below are foldable as standard whilst others are fixed (but can come with an option to upgrade to become foldable).


Aluminium or steel frames Although both very strong materials, aluminium is more lightweight than steel so the overall weight of the chair is reduced, making them easier to pick up when required.

Steel on the other hand might weigh a touch more but they also offer a more generous upper weight limit, so it is about striking a balance between your needs.


Grip handles and cable brakes Whilst many transit wheelchairs feature a plain handle grip, you will see that the Escape Lite and the Swift both come with bicycle style brakes as well.

These are ideal if the carer needs extra assistance and control and are especially useful when going down slopes. All of the chairs have some form of manual handle brake located on the rear wheel.

Should you wish to receive any further information or if you even wish to talk about trying a model out for yourself in person you can of course ring us on 0800 0334 060 and we can see how we can arrange for you.