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TGA Minimo Mobility Scooter

Minimo-STDStandard Battery
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£2,180.00 ex VAT
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Minimo-Li-ionLi-ion Battery
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TGA Minimo Mobility Scooter

Offering true innovation through design, the Minimo is a boot scooter with a real difference.

Technical Specifications:

• Length: 930mm (36”)
• Width: 485mm (19”)
• Folded Dimensions: 750mm x 485mm x 450mm (29" x 19” x 17”)
• Seat Width - 410mm (16")
• Total Weight (No Batteries) - 24kg (52.9lbs)
• Total Weight with Standard batteries - 32.85kg (72.4lbs)
• Total Weight with Li-ion batteries - 26.65kg (58.8lbs)
• Standard battery Pack weight - 8.85kg (19.5lb)
• Li-Ion battery pack weight - 2.65kg (5.85lbs)
• Speed variable up to 6.4km/h (4mph)
• Turning Radius - 820mm (32”)
• Approx. Range* - 20km (12 miles)
• Standard Battery Size - 2 x 12v (12a/h SLA)
• Li-Ion Battery Size - 1 x 24v (11.5a/h Li-Polymer)
• Controller Type - 45amp (S-Drive)
• Motor Type - 4 Pole (270W)
• Maximum user weight - 115kg (18st )
• Front wheel size - 180mm (7”)
• Rear wheel size - 200mm (8”)
• Maximum Gradient - 10%
• Ground Clearance - 60mm (2½”)

Key Features Of the TGA Minimo Mobility Scooter

It Simply Folds Up In One Piece!

Unlike other transportable mobility scooters, this clever model can be simply folded in on itself in one smooth motion in order to become compact enough to be transported in any reasonable sized car boot without the need to dismantle its component parts.

To fold it up the scooter is simplicity itself – you simply push the backrest down onto the seat, pull on the red handle on the centre of the chassis to unhinge the rear and the front sections and then push or pull the tiller (the central steering column) back towards the seat.

The seat is operated on a scissor action mechanism which allows the whole unit to be compactly folded on itself in only moments and with total ease.

After this has been performed the whole thing can be wheeled somewhat like a shopping trolley as you can then lift the unit on its end and roll it on the front wheels and the stabilising wheels, pushing or pulling it using the handle. You can see how this works in the images. This is especially useful when manoeuvring it short distances (such as when you put it either in or out of storage).

As well as keeping the underside chassis off the floor when folded these wheels also provide an additional layer of safety and stability owing to their anti-tip properties.

Although there is no need to dismantle any part of the scooter if you wish to lift it in and out of a car you are able to very easily remove the battery should you so wish to make it lighter. Without a battery the scooter weighs 24kg, which is roughly four stone.

There Are Two Battery Types Available

You can either choose this model with the standard style found in most mobility scooters or the new style Li-ion battery.

The benefit to upgrading to the new style Li-ion battery is that it is over two-thirds lighter than the standard one, yet it offers the same performance as the standard.

Because of its lightness you might not even have to take the battery out when transferring it into and out of car as it only adds a further 5.85lbs to the overall weight of the unit.

Whilst it is inevitably heavier than other boot scooters on the market owing to it’s all in one design, the Minimo can be easily placed in and out of the boot by tilting it in rather than it being lifted in and out. If you are going to use this method it may well be worth placing a protective blanket (or some other kind of protective barrier) between the car and the scooter.

It Is A Compact, Easy To Operate Mobility Scooter

A brilliant scooter for going around the shops, the Minimo has a super tight turning circle of only 32 inches so it’s great for turning around in the middle of aisles.

Because it has the properties of a three wheel style scooter there is plenty of legroom around the front tiller so users of almost any height can sit comfortably.

With such a compact shape and ease of use, this model is the ideal aid for enabling you to travel further afield and to get on with enjoying your life with independence.

The speed of the unit can be adjusted using a dial so that you can find a steady pace which suits you. The top speed is 4mph which is a very good pace when indoors and going from shop to shop and has a range of roughly 12 miles between charges*.

*As with any range given for mobility scooters, the overall range is very variable and depends on a whole host of factors including the overall load weight, how well the battery has been cared for and the terrain that it was used on.

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.