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TGA Breeze S4 Mobility Scooter

110600040Ah Battery
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TGA Breeze S4 Mobility Scooter

Offering unbeatable comfort, performance and build quality, the Breeze S4 is a top of the range class 3 mobility scooter.

One of the sturdiest scooters available on the market, the upper user weight limit on this model is an impressive 31.4 stone which makes the S4 accessible to most users.

With its extra-large wheels, market leading ground clearance and full suspension, the Breeze has been designed to tackle rougher ground and can take on some of the tallest and most challenging obstacles of almost any of our mobility scooters.

As a large scooter which is also road legal, this Breeze is perfect if you are looking for something which is exceptionally smooth, comfortable and reassuring to drive.

Technical specifications:

• Length – 1630mm (64”)
• Width – 680mm (27”)
• Front Wheel size – 300mm (12”)
• Back wheel size – 430mm (17”)
• Turning radius – 1740mm (68”)
• Min height (folded) – 1000mm (39½”)
• Min height (without seat) – 800mm (31½”)
• Seat – Fully adjustable swivel seat
• Total weight – 148kg (325lbs)
• Speed – Variable up to 12.8km/h (8mph)
• Standard battery size – 2 x 12V (40Ah)
• Heavy duty battery size – 2 x 12V (75Ah)
• Standard battery approx range – 32km (20 miles)
• Heavy duty approx range – 48km (30 miles)
• Maximum user weight – 200kg (31 stone)
• Max gradient – 21%
• Ground clearance – 150mm (6”)

The TGA Breeze S4 Mobility Scooter

Go Where You Need To Go With The Breeze S4

Offering you the freedom to explore, this is a class 3 scooter which means that you can drive it either on the pavement or on the road.

When travelling on the road you are free to set the speed to its maximum which is 8mph, but when travelling on the pavement you must by law only travel at a maximum of 4mph. To help you achieve this there is a simple to use controller found on the centre of the tiller which automatically limits your speed so that you can’t exceed this speed.

With the ability to take it virtually anywhere you like, you can take it straight from your front door to wherever you need to go. If you want to make a trip to the park, or visit town or any other place which is a reasonable distance from your home the S4 will help to get you there.

With a range of approximately 20 miles on the standard 40Ah battery or up to a huge 30 miles should you upgrade to the heavy duty 75Ah batteries, you will be able to get out and about without having to worry too much about getting stranded.

Please note however that these ranges are only to be used as a guide as the upper range can depend on a whole host of factors which includes everything from how well the battery has been cared for, how old the battery is, the weight placed on the scooter and the gradient and terrain type it will be ridden on.

Battery Care

To help you quickly get a visual check on how much energy you have left there is an easy to understand battery conditional indicator.

To help you get an accurate reading from this you must ensure that you follow all the supplied advice on battery care and how to calibrate the battery properly.

One tip we suggest when starting out with any kind of scooter, but especially one which is designed to be travelled in for a long time like the Breeze S4 is to start out slowly at first. This means making short journeys, gauging its effects on the battery and then gradually extending the distances of your journey as you go along until you get a good feel for how far you can go on a single charge.

Instructions on battery care are supplied and it will take 10-15 or so full charges to fully calibrate your battery and get them working up to their optimum level, so you should try to run them down to as empty as you can as safely as you can on your first dozen or so trips before fully charging them back up.

Enjoy a stable, smooth ride

With huge 17” wheels on the rear and 12” wheels on the front, the Breeze has been designed specifically with outdoor use in mind.

As well as providing great stability, these extra-large wheels also enable you to climb tricky obstacles as they provide an exceptional ground 6 inch ground clearance from the underside of the chassis.

To help to take out the vibrations and bumps as you ride along as well as to help take on bigger obstacles such as kerbs, there is a fully active suspension system which incorporates true shock absorbers.

As well as simply providing great comfort, this is extra important because of the nature of the use of this scooter - because it has been designed to be travelled in for a long time, you will be sitting down for elongated periods of time so your continual comfort is very important as the more relaxed you are, the easier you will find it is to operate the scooter.

Simple controls and braking

The physical operation on this scooter is straightforward as the handlebars are motorcycle style T-bars which have levers coming off the grips.

The accelerator is depressed using your fingers and the speed at which you travel will be dependent on how much you depress the lever.

Steering is very intuitive as you simply need to move the tiller in the required direction. When you first use the scooter you should try to operate it in a place without any cars or pedestrians near you so that you can get a feel for the steering before you operate it in more built up areas.

Because of the way you have to grip onto the bars and use the levers this type of control may not be suitable for someone with a weak grip. If this is an issue there is a way of upgrading the model to be operated using your foot but this is a non-standard feature. You can contact us for more details on this.

Like all mobility scooters, when you let go of the control lever, the brakes will automatically be applied so stopping and going is all controlled on the same hand and on the same lever. The brakes will automatically slow you down to a controlled stop, and once you are fully stopped the parking brake will automatically come on.

Stay noticed and safe

As a class 3 scooter which can be taken onto the road, you must be keep as safe as possible.

Whilst you should be well aware of your own capabilities before you take it onto the road and that you have great awareness of the rules of the road, there are also other ways in which you can be kept as safe as possible whilst travelling on the Breeze S4.

Lighting system - The extra bright rear lights will help alert people around you to your upcoming intentions whilst super bright LED headlight will help to guide you when it is darker. This is useful because the scooter can be incredibly quiet because it is powered electrically.

We do advise that you try to avoid using the scooter as much as possible in the dark because not only you be more vulnerable due to a lack of all-round visibility, but you will also find it harder to spot upcoming danger as well.

Indicators - To further aid with this there are also easy to operate indicators which will let others know what your intentions to turn are. This is very important because if you are on the road and attempting a manoeuvre at a dangerous spot, car users will be travelling far quicker than you and you may not be able to complete it before they reach you, even if you previously thought there was plenty of time.

A good example of this in action could be when something is blocking the left hand side of a road (such as a skip) and you must veer out more towards the middle of the road. Whilst other users should anticipate you needing to do this, an indicator showing your intentions should make your upcoming actions clear.

Rear-view mirror - To help you see what is happening around you there is a single rear-view mirror supplied as standard, whilst an additional one can be added as an optional upgrade. Contact us for details on this feature.

Emergency brake - This is found on the opposite side to the accelerator lever which will cut off the power to the motor and bring you to a sudden stop. This should only be used as and when it is required, and hopefully it will never have to be used but it does give a good peace of mind to know that it can be used in an emergency situation.

Panic sensor - As a companion to the emergency brake there is a novel feature on the Breeze S4 scooter which is a panic sensor placed on the normal control lever.

The way this works is that it can sense when you have pulled too rapidly on the control lever, and it will then shut off the power and employ the brake suddenly.

The reason why this is fitted is that it provides numerous safety benefits:

• when panicking some people will find that they grip the controls even harder through instinct rather than release them. If you suddenly grip the speed control, this sensor has a chance of cutting out the power to hopefully avoid a potentially serious accident.

• The sensor stops you from pulling away rapidly from a standing start so everything is as smooth as possible and you can get a good awareness of your surroundings as you pull away.

• You may not have time to reach for the emergency brake.

Before you have to use it for real, please ensure that you have tested both the emergency brake and the panic sensor for yourself somewhere quiet so that you have a good understanding of how they both work.

Adjustable to make life as easy as possible.

To make sure you are set up correctly and that you can operate the controls with total ease and comfort, you are able to modify the driving position to suit you.

Firstly, the seat can be adjusted in a variety of different ways.

As well as being able to physically set the seat both forwards and backwards, you are also able to adjust the height of the seat as well. With these two adjustments you should be able to make it as comfortable and as natural for you to place your legs in the foot-well.

Coupled with the above features the seat can also swivel around and the armrests can also be folded up or down to make it as easy as possible to get on or off the scooter.

The way this makes life easier for you is that you are able to move the seat into two lock positions of either 45 degrees or 90 degrees on both the left and right hand side so that you can face the seat outwards and away from the normal driving position. This means you can get on or off the seat without having to climb onto the scooter in the first place.

You can also adjust the tiller itself should you require it so that it can be angled either towards or away from depending on what is comfortable for you.

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