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TDX2 Ultra Powerchair

TDX2TDX2 Ultra Powerchair - Standard Model
VAT exemption does not apply to this product
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Due to the nature of this product a suitable assessment is a required prior to purchase. We can discuss this with you should you require any further information.

The price displayed online here is for the standard model only with no accessories or modifications. The price stated is as a guide only so please contact us for more detail on prices.

For any further information or to request a catalogue on the TDX2 Ultra, please call us on 0800 0334 060.

New to the market, the Invacare TDX2 Ultra is a revolutionary top of the range powerchair which has been designed to be extremely customisable, easy to use and comfortable.

As a superbly crafted, well designed chair which can achieve a complex range of movements easily, all aspects its design has taken both ease of use and general function.

As a space in which you will be sitting in for elongated periods of time, it is vital that you get a chair which meets your particular needs. Because of the amazing range of customisable and moveable and adjustable parts, the TDX2 Ultra should be suitable for most powerchair users.
Standard Features:

• Ultra Low Maxx seating by Motion Concepts
• Max user weight 136kg (21.4 stone)
• Compact, manoeuvrable, CWD TDX SP2 chassis
• Seat widths of 405-610mm (16"- 24"), adjustable between 404 85-505mm (16"- 20") and 505 - 610mm (20"- 24").
• Seat depth of 380-580mm (15"-23") adjustable between 380-480mm (15"- 19") and 4800mm (19"- 23").
• Backrest heights of 560-660mm in 25mm increments
• Cantilever Flip-Back Arm, width, height and angle adjustable with Desk armpad with Startex covered visco foam
• Stealth all positioning headrest
• Ultra Low Maxx CG power tilt (0 to 50°) seat heights of 420 - 480mm
• Powered Recline 90° to 170° with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR)
• Angle adjustable legrest hanger (swing away and detachable) Vari F with fixed footplates
• DX2 control system with REM 550 with LCD screen
• Centre (Driving Wheels) 3.00 by 8.00 Grey Puncture Proof (Solid Inlay)
• Selection of 8 Vibrant Chassis Shroud Colours
• 6km/h (4mph) 4 Pole Motors and 73Ah Batteries
• G-Trac
• 4 Point tie down system
• Lapbelt with autolock (adjustable both sides)
We will go over the features on this page, but the best way of getting all of the information might be to request a brochure on this amazing powerchair which goes into detail - please call us on 0800 0334 060 to request this from us.

Due to size limitations we can also only show a few images of the chair bet we actually have over 30 images we can show you. These are pictures of it being used, pictures of the chair and pictures of the accessories. To request these please get in touch with us today and we will be happy to email them over to you.

What is the Ultra Low Maxx System?
This is the name given to the system which operates the positioning system, and is so called because it offers the two things which are most important - maximum control and maximum comfort.

Designed to allow the most individualised fit possible in order to provide increased function and to help provide shear reduction to combat pressure ulcer risk, the system has a centre of gravity tilt of 50 degrees and can recline up to 170 degrees.

Taken together, these two features allows the user to find a wide combination of seating configurations, allowing pressure redistribution to be achieved as easily as possible. This greatly reduces the risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

Due to the clever mid-wheel design, integrated centre of gravity movement and built-in electronic inhibit function, stability (and of course safety) is assured, even when placed through a significant 50 degrees of tilt.

To further help you maintain great balance and safety, the centre of gravity of the seat (relative to the base) can be easily adjusted so that those with a unique weight distribution profile are kept as stable as possible.

Seat lifting technology complete with anterior assist.
One of the more innovative feature of this powered wheelchair s in the way that you can easily modify the seat to suit your surroundings. As well as being able to raise it directly upwards up to 300mm in height the seat also has an anterior assist feature.

Available as either 5 degree or 10 degree options to suit you, this helps you to transfer in and out of the chair by lowering the knees in relation to the hips. Whilst this specialised tilt is great for helping when it comes to transferring in and out of the seat, this can also help you reach slightly further so it can make items a touch easier to grasp.

Taken together these two things give you wonderful control over how you want to sit and interact with your environments. A great example of this in the image the seat being raised up the edge of a very high table in a pub, but there are also many other useful ways in which it can be used to offer you a greater degree of mobility.

A modular frame to help customise it to suit you.
The frame on which the seat and backrest sit on is also key to the success of the Invacare TDX2 Ultra. The reason for this is it is because it comes in two different width packages and depth packages, the frame can be adjusted to accommodate a younger growing client into adulthood.

This modular frame has also been cleverly designed to not only add on additional accessories, but to also make the accessories themselves eays to modify. This is because it uses a rail systems which makes it easy to slide them along the rail to the desired position and fitted in place where it is needed.

G-Trac Technology – Improved straight line tracking
When using a powered chair such as this, it can be difficult to maintain a straight line (especially on rougher, more uneven surfaces) as you will frequently need to make small adjustments. This is especially difficult for those with limited hand function, or for those who have a limited function through fatigue.

To help you stay in a straight line the TDX2 is equipped with G-Trac technology which gives you enhanced driving control, enabling you to reduce the amount of corrective steering you will need to do.

Take on obstacles with ease with sure step and stability lock technology
These two patented innovations work together to help you take on smaller obstacles you encounter by helping you climb and descend them whilst keeping you stable.

The way it works is that SureStep operates the castors by either lowering or extending, lifting and retracting them when they encounter an obstacle whilst the Stability Lock system engages the front suspension by locking it when your weight shifts forwards.

Taken together these two systems provide you with the ability to take on obstacles in as smooth and as safe a manner as possible , which will allow you to drive with confidence regardless of the terrain.

Request a catalogue to view all of the features of the TDX2 Ultra in detail
There are simply so many features and customisable parts to this fantastic powerchair that there is simply not enough space to list them in great detail on this web page.

If you would like the best in-depth overview of this powerchair then you simply must request a catalogue from us.

You can do this by either filling out the enquire tab found on this page, emailing us on enquiries@hearingandmobility.com or by calling us on 0800 0334 060. Just make sure you give us your name, address and contact phone number and we will be glad to help you in any way we can.