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Strider ST6 Mobility Scooter

ST6SSilver ST6 Mobility Scooter
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Strider ST6 Mobility Scooter

Offering one of the last words in style, range and power, the Strider ST6 mobility scooter is one of the best top end class 3 scooters in our whole range.

With a huge range of 31 miles thanks to its enormous twin 100Ah battery pack, this is one of the most robust scooters available thanks to its upper weight limit of 31 stone.

If you are looking for a scooter which is extremely hard working, simple to control and can get you out and about on a variety of surfaces in style, the ST6 might be the ideal choice.
Technical specifications:

• Overall Length – 1600mm (63”)
• Overall Width – 720mm (28.4”)
• Overall Height – 1280mm (50”)
• Wheels : Front – 380mm (15”)
• Wheels : Rear – 380mm (15”)
• Weight w/ Batteries – 135.2kg (298lbs.)
• Max. Speed – 12.8 kmph (8mph)
• Maximum Weight Capacity – 196kg (31st)
• Ground Clearance – 110mm (4.3”)
• Maximum Safe Slope – 9 degrees
• Kerb Climbing – 60mm (2.4”)
• Turning Radius – 1860mm (73.2”)
• Suspension – Front & Rear
• Brake – Manual hand brake & Electromechanical
• Seat Type – Sliding & swivel reclining captains chair with headrest
• Seat Width – 559mm (22”)
• Motor Size – 700W, 3650 rpm
• Battery – 2 x 12V 100Ah
• Weight Of Batteries – (x2) 50kg (110lbs)
• Weight of Heaviest Component – 85.5kg (188.5lbs)
• Travel Range – 50km (31 miles)
• Battery Charger – 15A Off Board
• Electronics – On/off key switch, battery level indicator, speed control knob

The Strider ST6 Mobility scooter - A top of the range class 3 scooter

With its supremely sleek design covering its enormous power underneath, this model offers something for everyone.

Capable of carrying users of up to 31 stone and travelling distances up to 31 miles, the huge battery pack enables you to get more done on a single charge.

With enormous 15 inch tyres coupled with a superbly comfortable captain’s chair and great suspension on the front and back, you will be able to stay comfortable for longer in the ST6.

Use it on the road or the pavement

As a class 3 scooter, you will have the freedom to ride the ST6 scooter from your front door to practically anywhere you wish to go.

Whilst this is a great feature and will help to increase your independence, please be aware that riding on the road is extremely hazardous so you absolutely must make sure that you are totally comfortable with the controls, you are confident in your own abilities and that you have a great awareness of your surroundings as you drive.

You must also follow all road safety law, so you should have a good knowledge of this as well.

As a legal requirement, you cannot exceed 8mph whilst travelling on the road or 4mph whilst travelling on the pavement and you may be wondering how you stick to this. The answer is simple as there is a switch built onto the tiller which engages either high speed or low speed.

Whilst travelling on a pavement, you must have the low speed switch engaged as this will mean that you don’t accidentally travel fast than 4mph, so you stay safely within the legal limits. When you are ready to get back out onto the road you can switch it back into its high speed setting to be able to attain the maximum 8mph speed.

A smoother ride all round

You and your scooter will have to put up with a lot of rough ground when you’re out and about.

Even if you are travelling in a built up area or town as there are sure to be some unexpected obstacles and nasty bumpy areas everywhere you turn.

The ST6 mobility scooter then has been designed to handle these with ease due to its advanced oil damped suspension on the front and rear.

As well as this, the huge 15” pneumatic tyres found on both the front and rear help to give a great ground clearance of around 5” so you can traverse rough terrain with ease.

Easy to use

With delta handlebars, the ST6 is simple to operate.

What this means is that the tubular handle wraps around the wigwag control levers so that you can operate them in a variety of positions.

This style of handlebar makes it easy for everyone to operate the scooter but it is especially beneficial for those who have a weakened grip.

To help you get on or off the scooter the captain chair can be swivelled around so that you can stand up or sit down without the need for you to step onto the scooter itself. Before you start driving you can swivel the whole seat to face outwards, back up onto the chair (using the armrests to aid you) and ease yourself onto the seat.

Conversely, after you are finished using the scooter you can engage the swivel lever and turn it around so that you can ease yourself off the chair - make sure you do this whilst the scooter is stationary and it is on a level piece of ground.

To further aid with ease of use you can adjust the tiller itself either up or down to make it closer or further away from your driving position to ensure you have a driving position which is as comfortable as possible for you to use.

Think the Strider ST6 mobility scooter is the ideal one for you? Why not arrange a free test drive!

Although we do sell mobility aids online, we actually have several branches across the country so we may be able to arrange to let you try this model out for yourself.

Before you commit we want to make sure that you are wholly comfortable with the scooter and that you find its great features beneficial to you.

They will be able to demonstrate all of the key features for you and you will really get to see whether the controls, the comfort and the power of the ST6 scooter is right for you.

Get in touch with us today on 0800 0334 060 and we can see whether we will be able to send out an engineer to visit you at your home, totally for free.

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The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.