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Strider ST5D Mobility Scooter

ST5DAnthracite Grey ST5D Mobility Scooter
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Strider ST5D Mobility Scooter

If you are looking for a class 3 scooter which marries fantastic style with great all round comfort and performance, the Strider ST5D might be the ideal choice for you.

Thanks to the single centred mono-shock suspensions straddling both the rear wheels and independent left and right suspension on the front wheels, this scooter has been designed to take corners and bumps as smoothly as possible.

With its high ground clearance, large 13” pneumatic tyres and easy to operate controls you will be equipped to handle most terrain with ease on the ST5D.

Technical specifications:

• Overall Length – 1440mm (57”)
• Overall Width – 680mm (27”)
• Overall Height – 1360mm (53½”)
• Wheels: Front – 330mm (13”)
• Wheels:Rear – 330mm (13”)
• Weight w/ Batteries – 138kg (304lbs.)
• Max. Speed – 12.8 kmph (8mph)
• Weight Capacity – 180kg (28st)
• Ground Clearance – 100mm (3.9”)
• Safe climbable slope angle– 10 degrees
• Kerb climbing – 80mm (3.1”)
• Turning Radius – 1600mm (63”)
• Suspension – Front & rear
• Brake - Electromechanical
• Seat Type – Sliding and swivel reclining captain with headrest
• Seat Width – 520mm (20½”)
• Motor Size – 850W (5000rpm)
• Battery Size – 2 x 12V. 75Ah
• Battery Weight – 52kg (115lbs)
• Travel Range – 42km (26.1miles)
• Battery Charger – 8A off board
• Electronics – On/Off key switch, battery level indicator, speed control knob
• Reversing width – 680mm

Key features of the Strider ST5D mobility scooter:

As you can see from the images this scooter features a wonderfully sporty and attractive design, but this model is not all style over substance.

Underneath it all it is jam packed full of features which have been designed to get you where you want to go faster, in more comfort and with great safety.

Drive on the road or pavement

As a class 3 scooter, you are free to ride the scooter onto the road should you so wish (excluding motorways).

With a top speed of 8mph, the scooter can take you down places pavements scooters can’t go, but please be aware that to go onto the road takes a great deal of awareness of your immediate surroundings and what others are doing around as well as a great knowledge of road law.

For this reason, only someone who is extremely confident in their ability when it comes to operating the scooter should go on the road as you should do all you can to remain as safe as possible at all times whilst riding on the road.

As a class 3 scooter you will have to register the scooter with the DVLA but you won’t actually have to pay any tax on it.

Because you can take your scooter onto the road and the pavement, there is a switch found on the tiller (the central steering stem) which takes the vehicle into either high speed or low speed.

By law, if you are travelling on the pavement you legally cannot exceed 4mph, so if you ever ride on a pedestrianised area you must ensure that the low switch is engaged as this will ensure that you cannot exceed this speed.

When you enter the road you can switch it back to high speed so that you can travel back up at 8mph again.

A mobility scooter cannot exceed 8mph on the roads so it is limited to this particular speed.

Large Tyres & Ground Clearance

A perennially problem on a mobility scooter is the fact that the middle section is liable to scrape over objects, severely limiting its overall kerb climbing capacity.

To help you with this you will see that the extra-large 13” tyres creates a great level of ground clearance without compromising on stability.
As a tip on safety, you should never try to get up or down from a kerb at speed or at an angle - only ever proceed slowly whether going up or down and only take it head on. Ideally never try to get up something taller than 50mm (2”) to be extra safe.

The tyres are pneumatic rather than solid as well so that also goes further to absorbing any smaller lumps and bumps as you go along.

A great suspension system

Speaking of absorbing bumps, the suspension on the ST5D mobility scooter is extremely advanced thanks to the fact that it uses proven technology from the motorcycle industry.

Whilst the rear suspension is the ‘normal style’ (which is a centred mono-shock system), the front wheels operate on individual shocks which can take impact in a dynamic way creating one of the smoothest rides available.

Supreme comfort and ease of use

With its luxurious captain style chair, the padded seat makes it enjoyable to sit in for elongated periods of time.

Staying comfortable and in control is one of the most important things when it comes to riding a scooter as feeling relaxed even after a long time of driving is the key to maintaining good safety.

The seat itself can be customised to suit your own preference as its headrest can be moved up or down and armrests can be adjusted in their width.

To help you get on or off the scooter the seat can swivel around to allow you enter or exit the scooter without having to step up or down from the footplate first. Just make sure you do this when it is on a level ground with the scooter off and you ensure you are locked into the driving position before you set off.

The tiller can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet your own body frame as well so that you don’t have to strain yourself to operate the lever controls. There are delta style handlebars as standard on the ST5D which means that even if you have weak hand strength, you can still operate the levers without having to grip on.

Great safety features

Coming complete with whole host of safety features, the Strider ST5D easily meets all of the criteria required for a class 3 scooter to be legally driven on the road.

Firstly, here are two protruding anti-tip wheels which stick out slightly out from the rear wheels to help create an earlier point of contact should the worst happen.

As the maximum permitted slope is a generous ten degrees, you should hopefully never have to come to rely on these to save you.

When using a scooter on a slope you should always go up or down it completely on a head on angle, and you should never try to turn around on one as this could easily cause an imbalance off and to the side. Because the anti-tip wheels stick out directly from the rear, this is another reminder why you must take on a slope head on as they will only be effective if you head straight backwards.

As you will see in the images, there is a powerful headlight to help illuminate your path ahead should it get dark as well as lights on the rear to let others around you know of your presence. To further aid with this there are also reflectors and indicators to make you more visible and to help you let others know of your intention to turn.

Unlike some class 3 models, the ST5D has two large rear view mirrors to help you get a more complete picture of what is happening all around you.

The battery system as standard is easy to operate and is very efficient as it works on an electromechanical system. All this means is that when you are not pressing the lever the brake is automatically engaged, making stopping very easy.

However, to go further with this there is also an emergency handbrake just off the delta tiller which will engage the brake extra quickly should something unexpected happen suddenly.

Great travelling range

With a huge twin battery pack housing two 75Ah batteries, the range available to you in the ST5D mobility scooter is a huge 26.1 miles.

Whilst this range is dependent on a huge range of factors including how efficient the battery has been cared for, how old the battery is, how much weight is placed on the motor and how hilly or rough the ground is you are riding on, this range should be easily able to let you perform regular daily tasks with ease.

If you are looking for a scooter which can easily transport you around town or around somewhere a bit more challenging, the Strider ST5D mobility scooter may well be the ideal choice.

Are you interested in taking out the Strider ST5D scooter out for a test drive?

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The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.