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Strider ST4E Mobility Scooter

ST4EStrider ST4E Mobility Scooter
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Strider ST4E Mobility Scooter

Providing one of the last words in both comfort and power for a pavement scooter, the ST4 mobility scooter contains a whole host of features which are designed to get you mobile for longer.

Offering a phenomenal range for a class 2 pavement scooter of around 21 miles, you will need to be extra comfortable whilst you are riding because of the longer time you will be spent sitting down.

For this reason the chair is extra soft and comfortable and is fully adjustable so you won’t have to reach or strain yourself to operate the simple DR-90 dynamic control system.

Technical Specifications

• Overall Length – 1200mm (47½”)
• Overall Width – 620mm (24½”)
• Overall Height – 1190mm (47”)
• Wheels: Front – 290mm (11”) | Alloy wheels with pneumatic tyres
• Wheels: Rear – 290mm (11”) | Alloy wheels with pneumatic tyres
• Weight w/ Batteries – 87kg (191lbs.)
• Max. Speed – 4mph
• Weight Capacity – 136kg (21st)
• Ground Clearance – 60mm (2½”)
• Maximum safe slope – 10 degrees
• Turning Radius – 1540mm (60¾”)
• Suspension – N/A
• Brake - Electromechanical
• Seat Type – Swivel, seat sliding adjustment. Premium upholstery mid-back with headrest
• Seat Width – 455mm (18”)
• Motor Size – 500W 3100rpm
• Battery Size – 2 x 24V. 36Ah
• Battery Weight – 23kg
• Travel Range – 34km (21miles)
• Battery Charger – 5A off board
• Electronics – on/off key switch | Battery level indicator | Speed control knob
• Reversing Width – 620mm

Please note that some of these figures are approximate due to manufacturing techniques/tolerances and metric to imperial conversions.

Key Features & Benefits Of The Strider ST4E Mobility Scooter

As a top-end scooter, the Strider ST4E offers one of the smoothest and most dependable riding experiences in our whole class 2 range.

Extra large front and rear tyres

Although you are only legally able to ride a class 2 scooter in pedestrianised areas, the extremely hardy and extra-large 11 inch pneumatic tyres are capable of making things smoother for you wherever you go.

The other benefit to having these extra-large tyres are that they give a very good ground clearance of 60mm and allow you to tackle slightly chunkier kerbs than other class 2 models. This is especially useful when the drop kerb section of the pavement is under repair or is not as level or as low as it should be.

Always approach any obstacle head on and never at an angle.

Fantastic maximum range

Featuring a huge twin battery pack containing two 36Ah batteries, the maximum upper range on the ST4E is a colossal 21 miles.

Considering this is a scooter designed to be used on trips such as going to the shops, this range will give you great peace of mind as you are unlikely to run out of juice when you are out and about.

To help you decide when you need to recharge the battery there is an easy to understand battery gauge found right in the centre of the tiller.

You will also find detailed battery care instructions supplied with the unit which should help you run the scooter optimally.

Be aware that the given range of a scooter is an approximate one as there are many, many different factors which can affect this figure such as how well the battery has been cared for, the terrain it is used on and the weight placed on the scooter.

Easy to manoeuvre

As its primary function is to help you perform day to day tasks with ease, the turning circle on this model is 1540mm which should be perfectly sufficient to get you around most shops with great control.

Offering easy manoeuvrability as well as a large battery to keep you out for longer, the ST4E mobility scooter is the ideal choice should you be making regular lengthy trips around town.

Easy braking for safety

Like most scooters the braking system is electromechanical which means that the brakes are automatically applied unless you depress the accelerate lever.

This clever system is in place to prevent the scooter free-wheeling unless you deliberately want it to by using the two-step disengagement lever found near the rear wheels.

Although offering several benefits, perhaps the key one to this system is when it comes to going up hills as this feature creates an anti-rollback system on the ST4E.

Should you encounter difficulties when travelling up a hill it is reassuring to know that you cannot start going backwards out of control. However, to help yourself avoid this potentially dangerous situation you not go up any hills with a gradient of more than 10 degrees.

Anti-tip wheels – great for safety on hills

As a further note on the use of the scooter on hills, you will also notice in image which shows the rear of the scooter there are two protruding wheels sticking out.

These are very important as they are the anti-tip wheels which are designed to help prevent you tipping straight backwards when travelling up a slope.

Again, to help you avoid having to rely on this last measure resort there are two techniques which you can use.

Firstly, you should never go up or down a hill on an angle as this can cause a dangerous imbalance and can also cause the anti-tip wheels to be ineffectual because it could tip more on its side than straight backwards. The second thing you can do if you can is to slightly lean forward into the slope when travelling up hills to help keep the centre of gravity balanced and stable.

Rear view mirror

A feature which comes as standard on this model, this large angle mirror will allow to view what’s happening behind you without having to physically turn around.

Although it is a pavement scooter and riding on the road deliberately is not permissible, there will be times like any other pedestrian when you will be forced out onto the roads (such as when crossing on a junction). At times like these the mirror will make it easier to be aware of what’s happening around you, helping to keep you safer.


Built into the stylish front design are a pair of powerful front LED lights which can illuminate your path ahead.

Whilst these help when it comes to helping you spot upcoming obstacles when it is dark we recommend that you try your best to use the scooter in the daytime so that both you and others around you are as safe as possible.

A simple to use scooter for a wide range of users

As we have briefly mentioned previously there are several features which have make it easy for you to use the scooter on a day to day basis.

As a standard feature the tiller can be adjust towards or away from you so that you can place the controls in a natural, easy to use position. To help with this the handlebars are delta style which means that they are great for helping users with a weakened grip as they allow you to use the lever controls in a variety of ways. On the ST4E the driving controls are operated using the thumbs.

Should you require the use of a mobility scooter it may very well be likely that you are also experiencing other difficulties rather than walking long distances. If you find that you are experiencing difficulty with getting in and out of a chair (a common complaint) then the seat on the scooter can be adjusted in a range of ways to help with this.

Firstly, the seat post allows it to be swivelled around so that you can enter and exit the scooter without you having to step onto it first. You can simply turn the seat to face outwards, ease onto it and then turn in to place your feet in the footwell. Conversely, you simply reverse the steps to help you get back from a sitting to a standing position.

This of course must be performed whilst the scooter is switched off on a level piece of land whilst completely stationary.

You can perform further adjustments through the use of a fore-aft lever on the rear of the chair which will allow you to angle the seat at the most comfortable seating position whilst the armrests can also be easily adjusted in width so that your arms are correctly supported as you drive.

Are you interested in trying out the ST4E Mobility Scooter for yourself?

If you now think that this scooter is suitable for you and you think that its mix of range and ease of use will be beneficial to you, why not get in touch with us to see whether we can arrange a free test drive for you.

There’s nothing quite like physically trying something out before you buy it beforehand so please give us a call on 0800 0334 060 to see how we can help you get mobile.

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The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.