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Strider ST4D Mobility Scooter

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Strider ST4D Mobility Scooter

An upgrade over the standard ST4E model, the ST4D mobility scooter model really helps to pack a punch thanks to its upgraded battery, increased top speed and longer range.

Built for speed and comfort, this is a class 3 travel scooter so is capable of travelling of speeds of up to 12km/h (7½ mph) and could just about handle a single marathon with its upper range of 26.4 miles.
With front and rear suspension, the ST4D mobility scooter has been designed to provide a smooth ride for wherever you take it and for how long you drive it.
Technical specifications:

• Overall Length – 1200mm (47½”)
• Overall Width – 620mm (24½”)
• Overall Height – 1190mm (47”)
• Wheels: Front – 290mm (11”) | Alloy wheels with pneumatic tyres
• Wheels: Rear – 290mm (11”) | Alloy wheels with pneumatic tyres
• Weight w/ Batteries – 100.7kg (222lbs.)
• Max. Speed – 12 km p/h (7½ mph)
• Weight Capacity – 136kg (21st)
• Ground Clearance – 80mm (3”)
• Maximum safe slope – 10 degrees
• Turning Radius – 1540mm (60¾”)
• Suspension – Front & Rear
• Brake - Electromechanical
• Seat Type – Swivel, seat sliding adjustment. Premium upholstery mid-back with headrest
• Seat Width – 455mm (18”)
• Motor Size – 700W 4500rpm
• Battery Size – 2 x 12V. 50Ah
• Battery Weight – 31.3kg (69 lbs.)
• Travel Range – 42km (26.4miles)
• Battery Charger – 5A off board
• Electronics – on/off key switch | Battery level indicator | Speed control knob
• Reversing Width – 620mm

Key Features of the ST4D Mobility Scooter:

A Road Worthy Scooter

As a class 3 scooter, this version of the ST4 is legally allowed to travel on the roads thanks to its increased upper speed of nearly 8mph.

This is the real key difference between this model and its twin, as whilst the ST4E is a top of the range pavement scooter, this version can travel further and faster which means you can take this scooter from your front door to wherever you like.

If you live within a reasonable distance to your high street, you will have the option when using the ST4D of going on the pavement (which is more recommended for your safety) or using the road if it is safe to do so.

Should you do decide to take it onto the road you must ensure that you are completely confident in the controls of the scooter, that you obey all traffic laws and that you are constantly aware of your surroundings and other road users. For this reason only an advanced user should take it on the road.

Should you do decide to take it on the pavement (and you certainly could with ease because the overall dimensions are virtually identical to its class 2 twin), you must switch it to ‘pavement mode’ by physically turning a switch on the tiller.

The reason for this is because you are only legally allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 4mph on the pavement, and the low speed switch will ensure that you cannot exceed this speed.

Great Safety Features

As dictated by current guidelines there are certain features which must be found on a class 3 scooter as standard, and you can be rest assured that the ST4D contains all of these.

Firstly, the braking system is great because you don’t even need to press anything to operate the brake. The reason for this is because stopping is don using an electronic system which automatically engages the brake unless you are operating the controls.

Another feature which will help you stay safe are the front and rear LED lights and indicators which will help to make you visible in the dark, let you see upcoming obstacles and let other users, both on the road and on public footpaths what your upcoming intentions to turn are. We strongly recommend that you avoid using the scooter on the road in the dark.

To further help ensure that your scooter is up to spec and that you are as safe as possible, there is also a rear view mirror to allow you to quickly glance behind you to make you more aware of upcoming obstacles coming behind you, reflectors and hazard warning lights.

More Power To You

As a class 3 scooter, you will be avoiding the need to take it apart and take it with you in a car because they are designed to be used to take you wherever you need to go directly from your home.

For this reason, they can afford to be heavier and more robust, including the battery pack and on the ST4D there are 2 x 12 volt 50Ah batteries which allows you to travel up to a huge 26 miles.

This figure of course is dependent on a wide variety of features, which includes the load weight on the scooter itself, how well the battery has been maintained, the age of the battery and the type and gradient of terrain on which it will be ridden.

Fully Adjustable For Comfort

Due to the fact that you are going to be seated on the scooter for elongated periods of time, it is vital that you are keep as comfortable as possible whilst you use it.

To help you with this you will find that the tiller (which is the steering boss on which the controls are attached) can be easily adjusted to help ensure that the controls can be swivelled around to meet your hands naturally.

To help you get on and off the seat itself, the amrests can folded up and out of the way and the seat can be adjusted so that you can get onto the scooter from a standing position.

You simply need to turn the chair to face outwards, lower yourself carefully onto it until you are seat and hold onto the controls and swivel yourself in place.

Ensure that firstly you perform this on a level piece of ground with the scooter turned off and secondly that you are definitely locked into the driving position before you set off.

As a final note on the controls, they are the delta style handlebars which are designed to prevent hand fatigue as you ride on the scooter for an elongated period of time as they allow you to lay your hands in different positions whilst still being able to use the controls.

This style of handlebar is especially beneficial for a user with limited grip.

Feel like the ST4D is the class 3 mobility scooter for you? Why not ask us about arranging a test drive for free?

We are not an online only retailer as we have many different branches across the country.

If you feel like this scooter could help improve your general mobility and you are keen to test it out beforehand, why not get in touch with us so that we can arrange a test drive for you.

Our engineers can actually come out and meet you at your own home so you don’t even have to make it down to one of our shops. They will be glad to offer you a comprehensive overview of all the features of the scooter and they will also show you how to operate it.

Nothing beats getting a first-hand trial of something before you buy it so give us a call today to see whether you are within one of our catchment areas today - our number is 0800 0334 060

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The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.