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Strider ST3 Mobility Scooter

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Strider ST3 Mobility Scooter

Offering a similar ride to the ST1 model, the ST#3 class 2 mobility scooter offers a greater bulk in its build and battery to allow a larger maximum user weight and a longer range.

As a ‘midsize’ scooter, the top speed on this model remains at 4mph but its range is increased to up to 16km between charging (roughly 10 miles)* and its maximum user weight is increased to 130kg (20 stone approximately).

If you are looking for a scooter which can easily handle being taken around the shops or put in your car boot between uses but still want a powerful, comfortable ride, the ST3 mobility scooter might be the ideal choice.

Technical Specifications:

• Overall Length – 970mm (38”)
• Overall Width – 520mm (21”)
• Overall Height – 915mm (36”)
• Front wheels – Puncture-proof | 210mm (8¼”)
• Rear wheels – Puncture-proof | 210mm (8¼”)
• Weight w/ Batteries – 54kg (118 lbs.)
• Max. Speed – 6.4 km/h (4mph)
• Maximum Weight Capacity – 130kg (287lbs.)
• Ground Clearance – 40mm (1.6”)
• Maximum Safe Slope – 8 degrees
• Turning Radius – 1270mm (50”)
• Suspension – N/A
• Brake - Electromechanical
• Seat Type – Padded, foldable, swivel
• Seat Width – 430mm (17”)
• Motor Size – 250W, 4250rpm
• Battery – 2 x 12V. 18Ah
• Weight of Batteries – 15kg (33lbs.)
• Travel Range* – 16km (10 miles approx.)*
• Battery Charger – 2A Off-board
• Electronics – On/off key switch | Battery level indicator | Speed control knob

*Please note that the range of a scooter is extremely variable as it is affected by so many different factors. These can include anything from how well the battery is calibrated, how well the battery and scooter has been maintained, how old the scooter is, how many cycles the battery has gone through, the gradients it climbs, the weight of the user and more. Please take the range as a maximum, approximate figure

Features & Benefits Of The Strider ST3 Mobility Scooter

As a pavement scooter this model can only be legally ridden in areas where other pedestrians are permitted so its use is mainly for helping with day to day tasks such as visiting the shops on your local high street or supermarket.

Although it has slightly more heft than the ST1 you will find that its turning radius of only 1270mm (50”) to be perfectly sufficient to make small, tight turns even in compact environments.

The upgraded batteries of twin 18Ah batteries also means that you can stay out safely for longer on a single charge, which is great for added convenience. Please ensure however that your battery is maintained to the highest level and you follow all of the supplied advice on travelling on your battery in the supplied user manual so that you don’t run out of juice when you need it.

To help you understand your battery level there is an easy to see visual aid on the central boss of the tiller which will quickly indicate to you how much power is left.

It's great for taking with you in the car and simple to store

Like most class 2 offerings, this scooter can be easily and quickly disassembled when required so that it can be easily placed in the boot of your car.

If you plan on frequently taking your ST#3 away with you this feature will make your life far easier as no tools are required to either take it apart or put it back together, making this easy to do in a carpark for instance. The whole thing is modular so it slots together quickly and firmly.

As well as taking with you on a trip somewhere, this feature also means that you don’t have to leave a bulky scooter hanging around your home when it comes to storing it when not in use. If space is an issue in your home, the ability to tuck the parts of the scooter away somewhere unobtrusive could make life easier for you.

You may wonder how you recharge it when it is dissembled. The answer to this is actually simple as the battery pack is capable of off-board charging. What this means that you can simply remove the battery entirely away from the rest of the scooter and charge it on its own wherever you will find it convenient to do so.

The user manual will come with detailed instructions on how to charge it, how to take care of it and how long you should and should not leave the charger in for.

To help you get it in or out of a space the rear section has a handy lifting handle sticking out from the rear bumper to help you easily lift that part when it is requires. The other parts all have other means of grabbing onto them with ease (such as the twin handles found on the battery pack).

It offers great comfort and general usability

Making sure that you are comfortably supported and can use the controls with ease is very important when it comes to using any scooter.

To help you get as comfortable as possible on the Strider ST#3 the tiller (the central steering post) can be adjust to meet your own arm span so you don’t have to reach out or stretch.

To help with access to the scooter itself the seat can be rotated using a simple to operate lever whilst the armrests can be adjusted in width to suit your arm width as closely as possible. Should you find the use of a mobility scooter to be beneficial the way the seat can face outwards so that you can ease on and off it and simply turn in to face the controls may be extremely beneficial to you.

Make sure that you have good control when sitting down onto a seat in its swivelling mode as the stability of yourself and the seat are compromised when it is free to turn.

To further aid with helping you to get on or off the scooter and to help when it comes to maintaining your ideal driving position the seat can be set to three separate heights.

With a system which is so adjustable there is sure to be a setting which is ideal for you to operate the scooter in a safe and controlled manner.

One thing that you should note about the ST#3 is that it has a ‘T-bar’ style handle bar rather than the wraparound delta style so you operate the lever by gripping around the tubular handles and using your thumb to operate the controls.

Should you suffer from an ailment which impairs your hand or grip then this type of handlebar may not be suitable. If your grip is fine though you will find this type of handle extremely comfortable and easy to use.

Great safety features

The ST#3 offers a wide range of features which area designed to aid with safety so that you are as safe and as protected as possible whilst out riding around town.

One of the key features is in the way the drive system works. As it is run on an electrical system you will find that the brake is evenly and safely applied at all times when the thumb lever is not pressed, which is great for safety as it is not possible to accidentally freewheel. This feature also allows you to come to controlled stops with ease.

To help combat the danger of hills there are rear anti-tip wheels which extend slightly out behind the rear wheels to help provide earlier contact should the worst happen and you start to tip backwards.

To further aid with safety when attempting to go up steep slopes the drive system again comes into play and will resist rolling backwards should you disengage the lever. As a note the maximum permitted safe slope is 8 degrees so please don’t try to go up anything steeper than that. Also, never go diagonally on a slope as this could lead to tipping over – only ever head up and down straight on.

Should you ever require the scooter to be freewheeled there is this option, and this is done by using a two-stop process involving a lever on the rear wheels.

Because you cannot accidentally do this, this is a great built in safety feature which makes your scooter even more user friendly and is especially useful for positioning it for storage in a shed or a garage. Please ensure that this is returned to its correct position before you sit on the scooter the next time.

Want to take it out and try it for yourself?

If you think that the ST#3 is the mobility scooter to suit you and you want to try it before you buy, why not get in touch with us to see whether we can arrange a test drive for you.

Our phone number is 0800 0334 060 and we have many shops around the country so hopefully you will be well within one of our catchment areas. You can either try one out in and around our shops or we can even arrange a home trial for you should you wish.

All of this is free so there is no obligation to go any further - we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible on your scooter before you commit to one.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get mobile!

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The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.