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Help aid your indendence with a Powerchair

You will find below a few sample powerchairs we stock, but be aware that a powered wheelchair is almost always sold as a bespoke item due to the amount of adjustments and accessories available for them.

There are many, many more powerchairs to choose from. You can simply request more details by filling out your details here.

These items all require a full assessment before purchase so that you can have your needs matched with the right type of chair.

Below we will put in a very quick guide to powerchairs, but if you would like any further information on what powerchair would be right for you please send us your details using this very quick and simple form:

What is a powerchair?

It is chair which is propelled by an electrical motor and controlled by a joystick on the armrest.

These chairs come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, almost all of which are easily customisable in almost every aspect.


Who requires a powerchair?

They are generally for occupants who require the use of a wheelchair but lack the upper body strength to propel a manual wheelchair.


Why do I need an assessment for a powerchair?

Due to their complexity of the chair, there is very rarely (if ever) an ‘off the shelf’ solution to meet your needs.

The assessment not only helps us to design a potential chair for you – it will also help you to understand how the various parts of the powerhair will affect you and why.

Working together we can help create a powerchair which is most suited both for your physical size, your needs and your environment.


What questions will you be asked during an assessment for a powerchair?

  • Will you need to use it mainly indoor, mainly outdoors or a mix of both
  • What would be a safe top speed?
  • How transportable will you need it to be? Are you planning on taking it into a car?
  • Will you need it to fold down?
  • What style of seating would be most comfortable for you to use?
  • What style of joystick will you require?
  • What style of drive will you need – rear wheel, front wheel or mid-wheel?
  • What type of battery would you like to use?
  • What style of armrest will you need?
  • Will I need filled or pneumatic tyres?
  • Will I need a static or a tilting seat?

At this stage you may not know the answer to most of these questions.

Don’t worry!

Our team are on hand to talk you through all of these points and more so that you can get all the information you need.

We will work with you to get you your ideal powerchair! In the end you will have a chair which will meet your requirements and be adjusted in size so that is as comfortable and as supportive as possible.


How do I pay for a powerchair?

We have a wide range of ways to pay for a powerchair, making them easily affordable.

Should you require a powerchair it is very likely that you will qualify for the Motability scheme.

This scheme is open to anyone who receives the higher rate of the disability living allowance and this will then go towards payment of the chair. Failing that, finance is also available.

To learn more about the Motability scheme, please follow this link - http://www.hearingandmobility.co.uk/motability

You can also fill out your details on that page and receive your free guide on Motability. For any further details please contact your local shop.

A power chair can make an enormous difference in improving your mobility so if you have been considering it before but where confused about how to start the process or scared by the potential costs – just get in touch with us today and we can walk you through the whole thing step by step.

With us it will be easy so simply click on the button below, fill out your details and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can to helping to make life easier.

Alternatively, simply call us on 0800 0334 060 today to discuss anything to do with powerchairs today.