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KR8000 8mph Mobility Scooter

KR8000KR8000 Mobility Scooter
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One Rehab KR8000 Mobility Scooter

If you want to get around quickly, safely and comfortably – and own a scooter to be proud of – the Komfi-Rider 8000 is an excellent choice.

With its clean lines and stylish design the KR 8000 gets you there in style. Its delta tiller, with rear-view mirrors and ergonomic switches, makes control simple and intuitive, while clearly visible lights and indicators, at front and rear, keep you totally safe.

In a hurry? The KR 8000 zips along at up to eight miles per hour, but however fast you go the ride is always smooth and safe, thanks to a combination of the KR steering sensor and adjustable suspension system.

The compact size makes the KR8000 exceptionally easy to store and manoeuvre in small spaces.

Technical Specifications:
• Colours available - Red & Blue
• Maximum speed - 8 mph
• Maximum weight capacity - 21 stone (136kg)
• Per-charge range (max) - 20 miles (16km)
• Turning radius - 59” (1500mm)
• Ground clearance - 4” (102mm)
• Overall length - 47” (1190mm)
• Overall width - 22” (560mm)
• Overall height - 48” (1220mm)
• Seat width - 18” (457mm)
• Seat depth - 17” (432mm)
• Seat height - Adjustable
• Motor - 24v D.C. 400W
• Controller - Dynamic
• Batteries - 2 x 36AH 12v
• Battery charger - 5 amp off-board
• Tyres - 10” (260mm)
• Suspension - Rear Adjustable
• Total weight excluding batteries - 125lb (57kg)
• Total weight including batteries - 174lb (79kg)