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Komfi Rider Liberator 8mph Mobility Scooter

LIBERATORKomfi Rider Liberator
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Liberator 8mph Mobility Scooter

• Compact & highly manoeuvrable design allows you to go wherever you need to
• Advanced full front & rear suspension offers superbly comfortable ride
• Powerful front & rear LED lighting with easy to use delta handlebar
• Sleek and stylish design delivering high-performance operation

About the Liberator Mobility Scooter

The new 8mph Liberator mobility scooter provides the ultimate in manoeuvrability, luxury and comfort.

With its sleek stylish design the Liberator delivers high-performance operation at speed and the large powerful 50AH batteries assures you of a trouble free journey.

The advanced engineered front and rear suspension, complete with the fully adjustable luxury captain seat delivers a splendidly comfortable and delightful ride whether you’re traveling to the shops or off-road at the local park!

With its compact and highly manoeuvrable design the Liberator allows you to travel in confined areas and spaces such as shopping precincts and malls.

This also makes the Liberator very easy to store and transport.

Many other benefits include the quick and weightless gas-assisted tiller adjustment, the easy to use Delta handlebar with high visibility rear view mirrors and the powerful front and rear LED lights, all of which allow you to travel in safety and comfort day or night.

Enjoy your Liberator – Enjoy your Freedom!

• Max user weight capacity -25st / 159kg
• Speed (maximum) - 8 mph
• Max travel range - 40 km / 25 miles*
• Max climbing angle - 9°
• Min tuning radius - 1250mm / 49″
• Overall length - 1230mm / 48.5″
• Overall width - 630mm / 24.8″
• Seat height - Adjustable height
• Seat type - Luxury Captain
• Front tyre size - 254mm / 10″
• Rear tyre size - 254mm / 10″
• Max ground clearance - 110mm / 4″
• Battery - 2 x 50AH 12V
• Charger - 5 amp off-board
• Lights - LED front and rear
• Suspension - Full front and rear
* Subject to user weight and terrain