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Invacare Leo Mobility Scooter

INVLEOInvacare Leo - Silver
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INVLEORInvacare Leo - Red
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INVLEOBInvacare Leo - Blue
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The Invacare Leo Mobility Scooter

A very popular class 2 pavement scooter owing to its wonderful safety features and its sporty design, the Leo is a fantastic aid for helping to increase mobility in style.

If you are looking for a pavement scooter that offers a greater degree of heft and durability then this more ‘mid-size’ scooter might be the ideal choice for you.

Mixing general usability and comfort perfectly, there are a whole host of features on the Leo which means that it is not only simple to use, but is also very comfortable and safe as well.

Designed to be ridden in areas which pedestrians are allowed (as a class 2 it is not allowed to ride on the road unless it is impossible to do so), this scooter offers a very smooth ride owing to its very stable build and it’s huge 10 inch front and rear wheels.

Technical specifications:

• Backrest of seat width – 470mm
• Backrest of seat height – 475mm
• Seat length – 410mm
• Seat height adjustment – 460-560mm
• Width of the driving unit – 590mm
• Overall length – 1220mm
• Weight (inc. batteries) – 83kg
• Weight (ex. batteries) – 59kg
• Maximum user weight – 136kg (21.4 stone)
• Batteries – 2 x 36 Ah
• Turning radius – 2620mm
• Maximum climbable height – 60mm
• Height clearance at the mid-section – 70mm
• Maximum safe slope angle – 10 degrees
• Motor capacity – 240W
• Range – 38km (23 miles)
• Maximum driving speed – 8km/h (4.9mph)

Key Features Of The Invacare Leo Mobility Scooter

Multiple Safety Features

You will note that there are indicting lights on both the front, back and sides of the scooter to make people easily aware of your movements, even when it is darker outside.

The front light illuminates your path showing you any upcoming obstacles, the bright rear red brake light lets people behind you know that you are going to be stopping and the side indicators will easily let others know about you turning left or right. These turn themselves off automatically in order to save battery.

To help further with safety there are other features which give you peace of mind. Because of the way the drive system is set up the scooter is automatically in a brake state when it is not moving but there may be times when you will need to freewheel it. When you need this feature you actually have to go through two steps before the brake can be disengaged so that you can’t accidentally set it into freewheeling mode.

When going up inclines you should avoid going up a slope of more than 10 degrees, and if you do go up an incline you should always take it on head first rather than across on a diagonal. To help prevent nasty accidents there are two anti-tip wheels found at the rear of the scooter to help provide earlier contact with the ground should the worst happen.

One tip when going up hills if you are able to is to lean forward in your chair as this will keep the centre of gravity along the midsection of the scooter so you remain nice and stable.

Ease of use

Comfort and usability are key when it comes to virtually any type of mobility aid, but when it comes to using a scooter this is especially important.

To help with this the Leo offers easy customisation on the seat and the tiller (the central steering boss which the handlebars are attached to).

You can easily adjust the seat either forwards or backwards to accommodate your knees and you can also tilt the tiller either towards or away from you so you can set it up perfectly to suit your arm span.

Speaking of the handlebars, these are the T-Bar style which are designed for users with a reasonable grip. If you have issues with your hand strength or grip please contact us first so that we can discuss with you what scooter would be suitable for you.

If you ever want to take a trip somewhere you will note that although this is one of the larger class 2 scooters this can still be fully dissembled into its modular parts so that it can be placed into a boot of a car should you require it. If you are going to be making regular trips in your car you should consider using a slightly lighter boot scooter - contact us for details.

Maintenance on the Leo mobility scooter is easy thanks to the fact that there are built in splash guards which protect water and grit and mud from betting onto the battery and the transaxle. Of course, you should make every effort to keep any amount of water away from your scooter as much as possible but if you do get caught out in a shower it is reassuring to know that this is in place to protect your machine.

A Great Scooter To Get You Around Town

With its huge standard batteries of 2 x 36Ah, the amount of power available means that the scooter can run for a very long time between charges.

Although there is a given range of 38km (which is a whopping 23 miles) you should take this as something of a guide as the range of any scooter is so dependent on so many factors (such as the terrain you will be driving on, how well the battery is kept, the load weight etc).

However, this is a very large range for a pavement scooter so it should mean that you won’t have to recharge it as much as other class 2 scooters on the market.

You shouldn't have to worry too much about running out of juice when you are out and about because on the central tiller there is an easy to understand battery indicator on it and you also get a helpful warning beep when it needs to be recharged.

Available in three different colours, why not get in touch with us either using the enquire tab found on this page or simply by calling us on 0800 0334 060 and ask whether you can receive a totally free home trial to see whether the Leo scooter is the one for you.

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The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

If you would like more general information on mobility scooters then the following guide will be ideal.

The guide is totally free and will really help you understand the different features of a mobility scooter and how they can help you.

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.