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Homecraft Three-Wheeled Rollator

09 116 9978Quartz
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09 116 9960Ruby
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Usually dispatched within 2-3 working days, you can buy a Homecraft Three-Wheeled Rollator with confidence from Hearing & Mobility. With other Tri Wheeled Walkers available at the cheapest prices, we will endeavour to stock the mobility aid that's right for you.

Should you wish to discuss anything about this Homecraft Three-Wheeled Rollator in detail with one of our highly knowledgeable customer service advisors, please call us today on 0800 0334 060.

A sturdy, dependable and reliable 3 wheel walker, this fantastic walking aid from Homecraft is ideal for helping you regain your mobility, both indoors as well as outdoors.

With a steel frame to help provide a great feeling of robustness, this tri walker helps you with your overall stability as you walk along so that you can get out and about and get where you need to go with independence.

Technical Specifications:

• Frame type – Steel
• Colours available – Quartz or Ruby
• Overall height available – 830mm to 930mm
• Overall width available – 660mm
• Wheels – 190mm
• Holders – Basket, Tray & Bag
• Handles & Brakes – Loop brakes
• Weight – 7.7kg (1.2st)
• Maximum user weight limit – 125kg (19½st)

Easy to tailor with height adjustable handles
To help make it as easy and as comfortable for you to use you can modify the height of the handles so that they naturally meet your hands in a comfortable way.

The benefit to this is that not only is will you not be straining yourself when you are gripping onto the walker but it also means that you can maintain control easier if you are more relaxed whilst you are operating it.

The grips can be changed within a range of 100mm (4”) as the overall height of the walker can be changed in intervals between 830mm (32¾”) to 930mm (36¾”), so you should hopefully be able to find a height which suits you best.

Loop lockable brakes provide great control
The way of stopping on this model are through what are known as loop lockable brakes, which are akin to a bicycle style brakes as they require you to grip onto them so that it applies friction directly to the rear wheel.

Whilst these are great should you have the sufficient hand dexterity to perform this action, many people who suffer from problems of the hand (such as arthritis) may find the action of pulling on these quite difficult.

Should this be the case we do supply tri walkers which are stopped simply by applying your body weight from above, and these can be found in our tri wheeled walker category.

However, if you do find that you can pull loop brakes you will find that they give you good, accurate control over each wheel and that you can come to a safe and controlled stop when you need it. This type of brake is especially useful when trying to traverse a slope.

Puncture proof solid tyres
Unlike a pneumatic tyre which is air-filled, these are solid so there is no way of getting stranded with a puncture somewhere.

Whilst they do allow you to go over rougher ground, for your safety we do recommend that you try to stick to the smoother pavements if possible when using the walker and that you avoid surfaces where you could potentially get stuck on, such as on the beach or on deep gravel.

The tyres are all around 8” in diameter so they are good at climbing up and down kerbs. To get up a kerb, process slowly and lift the front wheel up and over first by pushing down on the grips before easing the back ones up and over. To get down a kerb gently let the front wheel roll over onto the ground first and then left the rear wheels over and off the kerb in a complete straight line.

If you try this at an angle you may cause it to tip over as the rear wheels will not be balanced.

3 wheels for simple manoeuvrability
With two fixed rear wheels and a front wheel which operates on a castor swivel, you can easily use the hand grips to point this walker anywhere you need it to go through 360 degrees.

Excellent for getting around tight spaces such as your local shops and cafes, this walker is also easy to take in a straight line when you need it because the castor will follow your own movements.

Supplied with a bag and basket
As a mobility aid designed to help you complete daily tasks, storage is very important because hanging shopping bags off your arm could not only be tiring and uncomfortable for you, but it could also make you unbalanced and make the walker difficult to operate.

For this reason there are two separate storage compartments included which are designed to hold those important everyday items.

Firstly, there is a bag supplied with is attached to the frame in such a way that it remains fairly central and doesn’t stick out on any side. This is important because you can place items in there and the overall balance and stability of the walker will be maintained and it will also stop you from accidentally kicking it with every step.

Secondly there is a basket on the front which is a wireframe design which is situated just in front of the grip handlebars. This is also located fairly centrally on the walker as the font basket doesn’t extend any further than the front wheel.

When the basket is attached you cannot fold the walker, but you can fold it with the bag attached provided that it is empty.

As a note on safety, there is a maximum user weight limit given of 19½ stone and this also involves the load weight of items found in the bag and basket, so you should try not to overload it with heavy items.

A foldable tri walker for simple, straightforward storage
As it is able to be folded compactly when not in use you are able to take it with you in places where space may be at a premium.

For example, if you go to a local café you can simply fold the two rear wheels together (it will stay upright when folded) and you can simply place it between your chair and a wall to make it unobtrusive to other users on other tables.

Should you wish to take it on a bus or train, most companies should allow you to take the walker on no problem but it is always worth ringing them up before you travel so you don’t get unexpectedly caught out as they might have certain rules when other users with wheelchairs and pushchairs are on-board.

With the ability to fold it up you should be able to store it somewhere suitable and out of the way of other users.