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Excel Galaxy Plus 4 Mobility Scooter

318211BExcel Galaxy Plus 4, Kite Blue
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£3,999.17 ex VAT
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318211BRExcel Galaxy Plus 4 Macadamia Brown
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318211OExcel Galaxy Plus 4, Spice Orange
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318211WExcel Galaxy Plus 4, Salt White
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Excel Galaxy Plus 4 Mobility Scooter

A scooter designed to get you out and about in great comfort and style, the Excel Galaxy Plus 4 has a huge battery pack for a huge overall single charge range.

With a dual suspension system to help absorb uneven ground and to help tackle kerbs in comfort as well as intuitive rack and pinion steering for easy manoeuvrability, the Galaxy Plus is one of the most user friendly class 3 travel scooters available on the market.

Technical Specifications:

• Overall Width – 67cm
• Total length – 140cm
• Total height – 130cm
• Seat width – 51cm
• Seat height – 65cm
• Seat depth - 46cm
• Ground clearance – 10cm
• Maximum upper range – 50km (31 miles) approx.
• Turning radius – 118cm
• Maximum upper user weight – 160kg (25.2st)
• Maximum speed – 12.8km/h (8mph)
• Battery – 2 x 12V / 75Ah

The Excel Galaxy Plus 4 Mobility Scooter

Use the Excel Galaxy Scooter to get you were you need to go

This is a class 3 scooter which means that you can take this machine out either onto the pavement or onto the road should you so require it.

As a travel scooter with an upper speed limit of 8mph, you will be able to greatly increase your independence as this scooter has been designed to be taken straight from your home to wherever you need to go.

Offering a huge upper range of around 31 miles on a single charge, you will be able to get more done in one go when using this scooter. Of course, this range is only to be used as a guide because this figure is highly variable because it is so situational.

For example, this figure can be based on anything from the overall age of the battery, how well the battery has been cared for and calibrated, how many hills are on your route and how much weight is placed on the motor.

For safety, we do recommend that you try to avoid riding excessively on the road when you can avoid it, but just for your information when you do ride on the road you can use the scooter to its fullest speed of 8mph, but when you ride on the pavement you legally cannot exceed 4mph.

To help you stay within this limit there is a switch found on the controller which will automatically reduce your top speed to the permitted level.

Enjoy great comfort with the dual suspension system

Because this scooter has such a top-end maximum range, it is especially important that you are kept as comfortable as possible for the entire durations for your trip.

As well as simply providing a pleasant experience for you, when you feel safe you will be able to keep better control as you will be relaxed so it is also important for safety.

To help you stay comfortable and stable there is a mono-shock suspension system on actual body of the scooter as well as suspension on the seat post.

The main suspension system on the base of the scooter has been designed to help when climbing the bigger obstacles and helping to absorb the larger bumps whilst the seat post suspension is great at reducing the general vibration from riding on rougher ground so that you get an all-round smooth ride.

Easy to use steering and controls

The way the steering system works is very intuitive to use because it employs rack and pinion system which is simple to operate.

As a tip we suggest that when you first operate the scooter you so somewhere which is open, quiet and away from other road users or pedestrians so you can really get a feel for how it handles before you start taking it around busier places.

The easy to understand dashboard controller found on the centre of the tiller offers a wide range of ways in which you can operate various parts of the scooter (such as the headlights, indicators and the horn etc).

This control system also gives you a way of varying your speed so that you can remain in great control at all times. Here is where you can press the half-speed switch (as illustrated by a turtle icon) which will limit your maximum speed, but you will also find a speed variable knob which will also give a finer speed adjustment as you go along.

Great for safety

Safety is a key feature on any mobility scooter, but it is especially important on a class 3 model because you can mix with road users.

For this reason there are a host of features on the Galaxy Plus which ensures that it is up to code and will help you be known to other users.

Firstly, there is a powerful headlight on the front which directs a powerful beam of light ahead of you, which is not only good for showing you what’s coming up in the dark, but is also a good method of alerting other people to your upcoming presence. Because it has an electrical motor, the scooter runs very quietly so when you ride up behind someone walking in front of you they may not be aware that you wish to pass, but with your headlight on you should be easy to spot.

Similarly, there are rear lights which let others know when the brakes are being applied so they know that you are stopping and there are also indictor buttons on the tiller which will let others around you know which direction you will want to turn in.

To help you stay seen there are also reflectors found on the armrests as well.

Easy to use

You will find that there are many adjustments you can make to ensure that your driving position is just right for you.

For example, the backrest of the chair can be altered to be tilted backwards or forwards so you can suit it to your posture. When you have performed this you can also change the position of the tiller either forwards or backwards so that you won’t have to lean or stretch to operate the controls.

When you need to get on or off the seat, you can twist the seat around so that it faces out and away from the scooter. The benefit to this of course is that you can turn it sideways, rest on the seat from a standing up position, ease onto the seat on the outside of the scooter and then carefully rotate yourself around so that it is back to facing the handlebars without having to climb onto the scooter first.

When it comes to getting off you can simply reverse the action.

Would you like to try out the Excel Galaxy Plus 4 for yourself?

When deciding to buy an item such as this there is no substitution for trying something out for yourself.

We have many different shops across the UK so we may very well be able to arrange for you try out this modern and attractive model for yourself.

Please give us a call today on 0800 0334 060 to see if we can arrange a totally free home trial in your area.

0800 0334 060

The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

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