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Days Tri Wheel Walkers with Loop Lockable Brakes

240SChrome plated
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251Silver Grey
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Usually dispatched within 2-3 working days, you can buy Days Tri Wheel Walkers with Loop Lockable Brakes with confidence from Hearing & Mobility. With other Tri Wheeled Walkers available at the cheapest prices, we will endeavour to stock the mobility aid that's right for you.

Should you wish to discuss Days Tri Wheel Walkers with Loop Lockable Brakes in detail with one of our highly knowledgeable customer service advisors, please call us today on 0800 0334 060.

A range of tri walkers available in a series of different finishes to suit your style, these all have steel frames for a strong and robust finish which is great for giving you confidence as you use them.

Technical features

• Frame type – Steel
• Finishes/colours available – Chrome plated, red, blue or silver grey
• Overall height – 825mm to 930mm
• Overall width – 660mm
• Overall depth – 550mm
• Wheels – 190mm
• Holder – Bag
• Handles & Brake – loop brakes
• Weight – 7.7kg
• Upper weight limit – 125kg (19½st)

Puncture proof wheels
With three solid rather than pneumatic tyres on the base of each leg, you will not be caught out having a puncture on one of these models. Whilst you can’t get a puncture we do suggest you try to avoid rougher ground anyway and that you refrain from taking them over areas where you may be liable to get stuck, such as deep, loose gravel.

Loop brakes
The brakes on these are the more usual loop style which are more like bicycle brakes as they are operated by gripping them just of the handlebars, which in turn pulls on a cable which applies a brake directly onto the rear wheel.

Whilst these are excellent for giving you close control if you have issue with the dexterity in your hand through arthritis you may wish to explore having push down brakes instead. If you can use these types of brake however you will find that they are very easy to control and they will give you great confidence when you go down tricky areas, such as slopes.

We suggest that you practice using these types of brake on a level piece of ground away from other pedestrians and cars going slowly at first so that you can get a feel for how quickly the brakes engage so that you are not surprised when you’re out and about.

Easy to control
With a standard tri walker design, the rear wheels are attached and face head on whilst the front wheel is used for all steering as it is on a swivel castor. This wheel will allow you to manoeuvre the walker in whichever direction you wish, but when you are going forward it will allow you to head in a straight line if you require it as it will follow your own movements.

With loop brakes and a front castor your ability to stop and turn will be second to none so you will have great control which is great for safety.

To enjoy the best control possible you will note that the handlebars are height adjustable so that they can be placed at a level which feels natural and easy to control for you.

Foldable for easy transport and storage
To make it as easy for you to carry on public transport or to place in your car, you can fold in the rear wheels so that it becomes flatter and more compact. This can also be achieved even with the bag attached, providing it is empty.

This feature is also very handy in a variety of other situations, such as when visiting a café in any other place where you will be sitting down amongst a group of other people. You can simply fold it up and you can store it somewhere near you which will be out of the way of everyone else so that the walker doesn't get in anyone’s way.

If you do plan on taking it onto a bus, most bus companies should have no problem with you taking the walker on board but as a tip we suggest that you give them a call so that you know what their policy is before your journey.

The reason for this is they might have certain rules should other users with wheelchairs or prams be already on board, so it’s worth knowing what you can and can’t do before you get to the bus stop. You shouldn't run into too many difficulties with this however, but it’s just good to be prepared.

Easy to store items with a travel bag
This handy bag is attached to the frame in such a way so that it is centred and balanced on the middle of the whole unit so even when you have placed items in it there is no excess weight placed on one side to the other to cause in imbalance. This is also out of the way of you accidentally knocking it with your knees.

If you require more storage space you can purchase an optional wireframe basket which is attached just in front of the handlebars. This is ideal for adding in any spare items and helping to spread the weight around the walker so that it remains as easy to use as possible. This basket also comes with a tray on top.

Please bear in mind that with the basket attached you will not be able to fold the walker up, so you must balance your needs between transportability and storage. The basket is easy to take off and on so you can change this before you set off on a trip to suit your needs.

As a further note on this, there is an upper weight limit given of 125kg (19½ stone) and this figure is for the total weight placed on the walker including both your body weight as well as the weight of the items in your travel bag, so do be careful about not overloading it.

A great walking aid to help you achieve everyday tasks
With comfortable, ergonomic grips on the handles and easy manoeuvring capabilities, we hope that these tri walkers from Days are ideal for helping you to become more independent and active.