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Days Lightweight Rollator

21539Days Lightweight Rollator
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Usually dispatched within 2-3 working days, you can buy the Days Lightweight Rollator with confidence from Hearing & Mobility. With other Rollators available at the cheapest prices, we will endeavour to stock the mobility aid that's right for you.

Should you wish to discuss the Days Lightweight Rollator in detail with one of our highly knowledgeable customer service advisors, please call us today on 0800 0334 060.

A rollator which offers style as well as substance, this walker is strong but extremely lightweight so it is a wonderful aid for helping you to regain your independence.

With its compact size and modern looking frame, this rollator doesn’t have a clinical finish and features several key features which make it as easy a possible for you to use - we have outlined these below.

Constructed from aluminium for its lightweight properties as well as its tensile strength, the upper weight limit on this model is an impressive 20½ stone (130kg) and comes complete with a crutch holder as standard.

Technical Specifications:

• Overall height – 810-930mm (32” to 36½”)
• Overall width – 660mm (26”)
• Overall depth – 680mm (26¾”)
• Seat height – 610mm (24”)
• Seat width – 460mm (18”)
• Seat depth – 200mm (8”)
• Rear wheels – 165mm (6½”)
• Front wheels – 195mm (7¾”)
• Colour – Silver grey
• Weight – 7kg (1st. 1.43Lbs.)
• Holder – Crutch/stick & Net bag
• Back style - Canvas

n.b measurements in inches are approximate

Adjustable handle heights
When it comes to using any kid of walking aid it is vital that the grip is set at height which as natural and as easy as possible for you to hold on to.

The handlebars can be adjusted in regular intervals anywhere from between 810mm (32”) to 930mm (36½”) so you should be able to find a height which suits you best.

To accurately judge whether this will suit you could get someone to measure the gap from the floor to your wrist bone when your arms are hanging down loosely by your side. You probably won’t need to go this far because an adjustable range of 4 inches may not sound like a huge distance but it can make all the difference and should be suitable for most users.

To help make holding on easier there handlebar grips are ergonomic which means they are notched to fit the shape of a gripped hand.

Loop brakes for easy stopping
These are much like the brakes you will find on a bicycle as they are situated just off the grips and are operated simply by squeezing down on them. This in turn will pull on a cable which is neatly tied up along the length of the strut leading to the rea wheel where it will pull on the brake and apply friction to the rears wheel.

These are operated independently so you need to coordinate both left and right at the same time so that you can come to a controlled stop.

Much like any aid we suggest you practice with this technique somewhere quiet and away from other pedestrians at first on a level piece of ground so that you get a good feel for how quickly or slowly you can stop.

When you need to use the seat you can push the locks down instead of pulling them up and they will apply a lock which will stop the walker from moving whilst you sit on it (as shown in the image).

A seat to relax in
Like all good rollators, even though this is a very compact model which has a nice open design which you can walk ‘in’ rather than behind, there is a still a handy seat to rest on when you get fatigued.

The seat has a depth of 200mm which is compact but certainly large enough to provide a good stable base to sit on, whilst the backrest is made from canvas for softness but also to help it wrap from one side to another and around your back to give you great support.

The height of the seat is 610mm (which is roughly 24”) so you need to make sure that you are able to comfortably lay your feet on the floor whilst you sit down (as the lady pictured is doing). This is so that you are properly supported and you help to avoid causing issues such as swelling in the ankles or painful joints through letting your legs dangle in the air.

The width between the handles is 430mm (16½”) so you will want to make sure that you that you can fit comfortably in this gap.

Stays up even when folded
There will often be times when you will require the walker to be stowed away when it’s not in use (such as storing it in a car or on a bus), and to help you achieve this the walker folds down flatter so its overall size is greatly reduced.

One of the cleverest features found on the Days lightweight rollator is that it can be folded in such a way so that it can stay upright which means that you won’t have to bend over to pick it back up.

When you unfold it back to its normal state please ensure that everything is correctly locked in before you apply your weight to it.

It is also very easy to fold up as well because you won’t have to fiddle around with detaching an items such as a basket because the storage bag in this case is a net bag which can easily be folded up along with the frame (provided that it is empty of course!).

A compact, open frame design
This rollator is unlike most others because the handlebars are situated just above the front wheels rather than the rear wheels.

Normally a 4 wheel walker will have the handlebars situated just above the rear wheels because it has to allow space for the seat but because of the clever way the backrest and seat have been designed you can walk almost ‘inside’ the frame rather than behind it on this model.

As well as simply providing great great stability this will also help you navigate around a shop or supermarket as you will be able to judge more easily where your front wheels are in relation to other people and objects.

If you have any additional questions on this great 4 wheel walker then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 0334 060 and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.