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Days Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker

Days Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker

240LBlue Tri Walker
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Usually dispatched within 2-3 working days, you can buy a Days Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker with confidence from Hearing & Mobility. With other Tri Wheeled Walkers available at the cheapest prices, we will endeavour to stock the mobility aid that's right for you.

Should you wish to discuss anything about this Days Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker in detail with one of our highly knowledgeable customer service advisors, please call us today on 0800 0334 060.

Neat, small, compact and easy to manoeuvre, this lightweight 3 wheel walker from Days offers a wonderful way of becoming active and mobile.

Helping to take your weight as you walk, the frame is one of the lightest available on the market owing to its aluminium frame but doesn't compromise on its build strength or quality.

In fact this model can withstand the same upper eight limit of 125kg (19½ stone) as the other tri walkers in this range despite being nearly two kilograms lighter than the equivalent steel models

Technical Specifications:

• Frame – Aluminium
• Colour – Blue
• Overall height – 830mm to 930mm
• Overall width – 685mm
• Overall depth – 610mm
• Wheels – 190mm
• Holder – Bag (Basket & Tray can be purchased separately)
• Handles & Brakes – Loop
• Weight – 5kg
• Weight limit - 125kg (19½st)

Height adjustable grips and loop lockable brakes
The handlebars can be adjusted in a range of heights from between 830mm to 930mm (roughly 32¾” to 36¾”) so that they feel as natural as possible as place your weight on them. This is great for allowing you to control the walker without having to bend over awkwardly or strain yourself to place your hand on the grips.

To help you further with controls there are easy to apply loop lockable brakes which are a bit like bicycle brakes. You simply have to squeeze it to apply a brake to the rear wheel, so you do need some strength and dexterity in your hand to operate these.

If this is an issue we also have tri walkers which have push down brakes which don’t require you to perform this squeezing motion, which can be found in our tri wheel walker category.

However, if you can operate the brake then you will find that they are very responsive and they are very intuitive and easy to use, making it simple to control. We do suggest that before you take it out around others though that you do practice on a level piece of ground and that you start very slowly at first so that you get a good understanding and feel of how the brakes operate.

Puncture proof wheels
As they are solid and not filled with air (which are known as pneumatic tyres), these cannot get a puncture, leaving you having to drag the walker around with you.

Whilst you can take it over rougher ground, we do suggest however that you stick to the nicer, smoother parts just to make life easier for you and we do suggest you refrain from taking it over places where you might get stuck, such as sand or loose gravel.

Foldable for easy storage
The whole unit folds in so that is nice and compact when you need to store it.

As well as simply not being in the way when you have it at home, this feature is also handy for when you go to a local café for instance, because you can keep the walker tucked up near you and out of the way of others.

Please note that with the basket attached you cannot fold it for storage, but the basket can be removed easily if you need this feature.

3 wheels for precise control
As a tri-walker there are two fixed wheels on the rear which face forward and a front swivel castor wheel on the front so that you can control and turn it as you require it.

This will allow you to make very precise turns because you can easily use this front wheel to point it where you need to go in 360 degrees.

Comes complete with a bag
To help you get tasks done there is a generous sized bag which is ideal for keeping loose items and shopping in.

Because of the way the frame is designed, the bag is allowed to rest centred between the three wheels so that it isn't awkwardly jutting out behind the rear wheels or causing an imbalance.