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Caremart Bolt Mobility Scooter

318242OBolt Scooter Gallardo Orange
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318242WBolt Scooter Carrera White
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318242BBolt Scooter Cooper Blue
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Caremart Bolt Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter to really help you get daily tasks done, the Caremart Bolt scooter from Van Os Medical is easily used outside as well as inside thanks to its tight turning circle, its fantastic top speed of around 5mph and its large front and rear 10 inch wheels.

Available in three attractive design finishes to suit your own personal style and preference, the Bolt will make a wonderful way of greatly increasing your daily mobility and will really help you get around town in comfort and style.

Permissible to be ridden in any area where other pedestrians are, the Bolt is a wonderful compromise between a class 2 and a class 3 scooter with its large range, comfortable ride and the ability to be disassembled into its component parts.

Technical features:

• Length - 124 cm
• Width - 57 cm
• Front wheels - 10”
• Rear wheels - 10”
• Ground clearance - 8cm
• Turning range - 135 cm
• Maximum speed - 8km/h (5mph)
• Maximum range - 27 km
• Batteries - 2 x 35AH
• Weight complete - 78 kg
• Weight seat - 9.5 kg
• Weight of batteries - 13 kg
• Maximum user weight - 135 kg

Key Features Of the Caremart Bolt Mobility Scooter

Take the Caremart Bolt Scooter with you wherever you go

Although it is slightly larger than your average boot scooter, that doesn’t mean that this model is any less transportable.

Easily stripped into its separate modular parts of the front frame, the rear frame (which includes the motor and transaxle), the batteries (with cables), the rear shroud, the seat and the batteries, you should easily be able to store this scooter in most car boots.

When you do store it in your car we recommend that firstly you lay down some kind of protective blanket to stop your boot getting dirty and to arrange for a way of padding each part to help prevent damage during transit.

The best thing about this whole system is that whilst it may sound initially complicated or time consuming to do, the reality is that there are no tools required and you can do this anywhere. Once you do it a few times it will become second nature to perform, meaning you can get out and about and explore other places in no time.

There are detailed instructions on assembly and disassembly supplied with your scooter.

Because of the fact that this scooter straddles the line between Class 2 and a Class 3 and has such a large battery pack, the Bolt will naturally be a touch heavier than some of the others available in this range so that is something to bear in mind. If you have any doubt we can try to arrange for you try it out for yourself beforehand.

Easy and comfortable to use

A very simple and straightforward scooter, the Bolt is easy to use on a day to day basis.

Should you experience difficulties with getting on or off a seat, the seat post can be swivelled through 45 degrees to help you ease yourself onto the chair from the side. This is achieved by using a swivelling lever found on the rear of the chair.

As well as this, both the armrests and the angle of the backrest can be modified so that you can find your ideal driving position and so that you can be properly supported at all times whilst you are riding on the scooter.

To help ensure that you are not straining yourself to use the controls and to help make driving the Bolt as comfortable and as safe as possible there is also an adjustable knob found on the tiller (the central steering stick) so that you can position it wherever you like.

Speaking of handlebars they are of the delta style, which means they wrap around on themselves. This style of control is especially beneficial for those who experience difficulty with hand grip as they allow you to rest your hand on them rather than having to grip tight like on a T-bar style handlebar.

Stay Safe with the Bolt Scooter

Helping you to stay aware of your surroundings, two large wing mirrors to help you see easily behind you on both sides.

Although you cannot take this scooter onto the road, there will be times when like any other pedestrian when you and cars will be forced to mix together (such as when crossing roads) and having these mirrors will help give you another way of checking for any potential problems around you.

To further aid with your safety there is a powerful LED headlight on the front which is great at illuminating the upcoming ground ahead of you in the dark. To help keep you and others around you as safe as possible you should attempt to avoid using the scooter in the dark as much as possible.

Interested in the Caremart Bolt Mobility Scooter?

If you think that this scooter is ideal for you but you are unsure whether it is right for you, you can always contact us to see if we can arrange for you to experience a free trial test drive.

We have many shops across the country and we have engineers who can also come out to you as well who can demonstrate all aspects of the scooter for you wherever you live.

We know that a mobility scooter is a big commitment so we want to make sure that you are comfortable with it before you decide to purchase one.

If you would like further information or if you would like to see whether we can arrange a test drive for you please give us a call today.

0800 0334 060

The Mobility Scooter Consumer Guide

If you would like more general information on mobility scooters then the following guide will be ideal.

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n.b. this guide is a general consumers guide to mobility scooters and isn't a brochure for this model of scooter.