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Microsuction Wax Removal Service

We now offer a microsuction earwax removal service in our Cardiff store - Call 0345 602 5083 for more details

What is microsuction and what does the process involve?

Microsuction is a simple, painless and straightforward technique for removing the build-up of earwax and is a great alternative to the more traditional wax removal methods.

This method is water free and uses very fine suction device to carefully remove only the wax without interfering with the eardrum.

The traditional technique for the removal of a blockage of wax is to use a process known as ear-irrigation (also known as syringing) which involves sending jets of high pressure water into the ear canal to flush out the wax. This can often be very uncomfortable to go through and it comes with a certain degree of risk because the high pressure can cause damage to the delicate tissue of the eardrum.

Microsuction is different because it targets only the waxy build-up so it is quicker, safer, cleaner and more effective than other methods.

Why do you need microsuction?

The answer is simple - a build-up of earwax can have a direct effect on your ability to hear with clarity.

  • Have you found recently that you are being told off for having the volume of your television or radio up too loud?
  • Have you noticed that you frequently have to ask people to repeat what they say because you keep mishearing them?
  • Do you struggle to pick out voices clearly against a background of noise, perhaps at parties or at restaurants?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, these are signs that you may be experiencing some form of hearing loss.

Do not fear though as the cause for the loss may be temporary if the culprit is a build-up of earwax.

What is earwax and why is it a problem?

It is a waxy oil produced by glands in your ear and it is your body’s natural defence against items such as dust, bacteria and water from causing you irritation or damage.

Normally it will naturally fall out of the ear and it shouldn’t cause you any problems but over time for some people the body will produce an excess amount of wax, causing a blockage for sound. When this happens, you must remove the blockage to get your natural hearing back.

A build-up is also a problem for those who already have hearing aids, so if you have noticed that you are receiving a constant whistling noise or any kind of feedback through your aid, wax build-up may very well be the cause.

How much does microsuction cost?

Before booking yourself in you should discuss your issues with your hearing with us beforehand.

A consultation is £30 and will involve checking your ears using a video otoscope which will quickly let you know whether you have a problem with wax.

Should you require treatment the service is £40 for one ear and £60 for two.

If you are interested in a consultation you can either give us a call on 0345 602 5083 or you can fill out the contact form below.

Please note that due to the equipment involved we currently only offer the microsuction service in Cardiff.

Click here for details of the Cardiff branch page

If you require any other help with your hearing in any other areas we have dozens of hearing aid dispensers around the country who can come and visit you.

For any help with your hearing you can contact us on 0345 602 5083 or you can fill out the form below and we will do all we can to help you.

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