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Hearing Aid Batteries

Power your hearing aids with our great quality hearing aid batteries

These batteries come in 4 different styles to fit most types of hearing aid and are designed with longevity, dependability and performance in mind.

They are colour coded so that they are easy to remember which pack you will need to rebuy – simply keep an old pack handy to help you remember which ones you need!

How do I know which pack to buy?

Your hearing aid audiologist will go into detail into which hearing aid batteries you require but if you need any clarification you are welcome to call our hearing aid customer services department on 0345 602 5083.

Rayovac Proline Advanced Hearing Aid Batteries

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing
For decades, Rayovac has been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing and continually strives to develop technologies that minimise the impact on our environment.

Zero Mercury
From October 2015 new legislation means all button-cell batteries sold in Europe must be mercury-free. All Rayovac batteries are Battery Directive Compliant (2013/56/EU). More than a decade in development, Rayovac’s latest innovations ensure mercury-free batteries are fit for all modern hearing devices, including those with wireless functionality.

Advanced Shelf Life
Improved consistency combined with a new advanced sealing process has meant increased battery quality, reliability and consistency, resulting in a four-year freshness date code.


Advanced mAh
Rayovac's world-class manufacturing techniques, coupled with proprietary technology, mean that with Rayovac ProLine you receive a great performing consistent product every time. 


Advanced Power
Through patented battery construction and components, the Rayovac zinc air hearing aid batteries offer high power while increasing life.

Rayovac hearing aid batteries incorporate the latest battery innovations to deliver world leading performance. Rayovac provide the power needed for your device.

Advanced Testing
To demonstrate leadership in hearing aid battery performance Rayovac has developed an advanced testing regime to accurately reflect device and consumer requirements.

This exhaustive criteria simulates device drain and environmental conditions using established protocols for evaluating critical hearing aid attributes including:

  • Current and pulse characterisation
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Corrosion and leakage
  • Open stand
  • Dimensions
  • Shelf-life and reliability
  • In-situ hearing aid battery voltage and current
  • Most importantly, IEC competitive performance.


Advanced Consistency
High drain hearing aid batteries have greater air flow demand. The addition of Rayovac's "Air Management System", which combines the air cathode, diffusion control element, and vent hole design, provides consistent air flow throughout battery life.

This development allows the battery to access the precise amount of air needed, maximizing battery power, without compromising performance. The end result is a more consistent, better performing hearing aid battery every time.


Get the best hearing aid batteries today

Getting the right hearing aid battery is vital to the performance of your hearing aids.

After you have purchased hearing aids through us your hearing aid audiologist will advise you on which batteries you will require.

After you have purchased them for the first time you simply need to remember the colour of the packaging (or even better, retain the packaging for future reference to purchase eth right packs again).

If you need hearing aid batteries for the first time and are unsure which ones you require you can always call our dedicated hearing aid customer service team on 0345 602 5083 to get the very best advice!