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Free Online Hearing Test

Do you think you have hearing loss? Try our free online hearing test now!


If you have any concerns at all about your hearing and want to know whether you need an in-depth hearing test, our free and fast online hearing test can give you peace of mind in well under 5 minutes.



Why everyone needs to check their hearing regularly

Hearing loss is far more common than you may think.

In a study by Action On Hearing Loss they found that an alarmingly high 1 in 6 people are affected by some form of hearing loss in the UK – that’s currently around 11 million of us!

Despite being such a common problem, many people are reluctant to get help with their hearing.

In fact it has been found that the average time most people wait to actually do something about their hearing loss (from the time the loss has first been noticed) to be around 10 years.

If you are visiting this page then it is likely that either you or someone you know is currently experiencing some kind of hearing loss.

If so, please don’t wait a decade before your hearing becomes so bad that it cannot be helped – help your hearing today by going through the simple online hearing test right now.


How does this test work?

The test is simple.

You will be asked to listen to a voice stating three separate words at a time.

Each of the words will have a certain amount of white noise in the background which will increase in volume.

You must simply click or tap on the items you hear on the corresponding grid on the screen. You may press a button after the three words have been spoken so that you can try and hear them again as there is no time limit.

For best results you should use headphones rather than the speakers on your computer as this will test your left and right ears seperately, giving you more accurate results.

After the test you will be told one of three things:

  •  You likely have a hearing problem
  •  You may have a hearing problem
  •  You may not have a hearing problem

If you are showing signs of hearing loss simply fill out the form at the end and you can take the next step towards better hearing.

The test will take you less than 5 minutes so why not help your hearing today by clicking the button below: 


An online hearing test should be viewed as an initial hearing screening, as it does not cover many aspects of hearing. Nor can any conclusions be made of the potential benefits of hearing aids for any individual.

Only an in-depth hearing test performed by one of our hearing aid audiologists can correctly determine if a significant hearing loss is present.

This test can be performed in one of our shops or even in the comfort of your own home. You can book this in by clicking on this link: https://www.hearingandmobility.co.uk/free-home-hearing-test