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Hearing & Mobility

7a Clive Parade
Cricklade Road

Tel: 01793 686189
Email: enquiries@hearingandmobility.com

Opening Times

Monday     09:00 to  17:00
Tuesday     09:00 to  17:00
Wednesday     09:00 to  17:00
Thursday     09:00 to  17:00
Friday     09:00 to  17:00
Saturday     09:00 to  17:00

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We are your local, friendly hearing aid audiology centre - Call 01793 686189 to book in your free hearing test in Swindon today 

Mobility Aids are now supplied by The Hearing & Mobility Store and for mobility queries please call 01793 701313


Help your hearing today by visiting our hearing aid centre here in Swindon

We are here to help the local community of Swindon with all aspects of their hearing.

We offer a wide range of free hearing related services as well as offering the supply of all the latest digital hearing aids from all the top brands.

You can be seen by our hearing aid audiologist both n our hearing aid clinic or in the comfort of your own home, whichever you prefer.

If you suspect you have any issues with your hearing then why not book yourself in for a free hearing test by clicking the button below.

Book Your Free Hearing Test In Swindon Now:

Why you should get help with your hearing today:

If you experience any issues with your hearing it is very important that you undertake one of our completely free hearing checks.

A loss of hearing can be a very gradual process so it can often take many years before your realise that you have any issues with your hearing, but eventually you will lose the ability to cope with your hearing loss.

It is thought that around 1 in 6 adults in the UK is directly impacted with some form of hearing loss so it might well be you or someone close to you who are experiencing problems.


Here Are Some Of The Common Signs Of Hearing Loss:

  • Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?

  • Do you have trouble hearing the TV, radio, telephone or doorbell?

  • Do you struggle to hear clearly in noisy environments?

  • Do you confuse words or misunderstand conversations?

  • Are you unsure whether sounds are coming from in front of you or behind you?

Sound familiar?

If so, you really should either book in one of our free in-depth hearing checks with our resident Swindon based audiologist by calling us on 01793 686189 today!

Alternatively you could also try our quick and free online hearing test to give you a quicker and slightly more in-depth indication of whether you are experiencing hearing loss:


We supply top quality hearing aids from top quality brands

As an independent hearing aid company we are free to recommend the latest digital hearing aid which will be most suitable for you.

There are many different styles of hearing aids, with a huge range of functionality, outer ear visibility and performance.

The results of your hearing check is known as an audiogram.

The audiogram is the data driven way our hearing aid audiologists will direct you towards choosing the right hearing aid to suit your own particular hearing levels.

We are all different and no two audiograms are ever the same so the hearing aid dispenser is trained to adjust your hearing aids to try and regain the loss of hearing you are experiencing.

There is no-obligation to go any further when you have a test with us, but we can supply the latest hearing aids from all the top brands at great prices.

The Free Hearing Aid Consumers Guide

If the world of hearing aids are new to you and you would like some information on them before you visit us there is simply on one thing you need  - the superb consumer’s guide to hearing aids.

To request yours simply click on the button below and we will post it straight out you so that you can detailed information about hearing aids in the comfort of your own home:

How To Reach Us:

By Bus – There is a bus stop very close to us and it is served by many routes. Please contact the appropriate service provider for more information on each route.

These routes are served by Thamesdown Transport

  • 17
  • 18
  • 21
  • 24
  • 24A

These routes are served by stagecoachbus.com

  • 51
  • 51A

By Car – We have provided a direction finder on the map above which will give you step by step text directions on how to find us here in Swindon.

Our address

Hearing & Mobility
7a Clive Parade, Cricklade Road, SwindonWiltshire SN2 1AJ
Phone: 01793 686189


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