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Hearing & Mobility

75 High Street
EX10 8LD

Tel: 01395 519850
Email: enquiries@hearingandmobility.com

Opening Times

Monday     09:00 to  17:00
Tuesday     09:00 to  17:00
Wednesday     09:00 to  17:00
Thursday     09:00 to  17:00
Friday     09:00 to  17:00
Saturday     09:00 to  17:00

Opposite the Co-Op.

Hearing & Mobility Sidmouth - Your local hearing aid shop


Please note that mobility aids in this shop are are now supplied by More Than Mobility.

We do however still have a comprehensive hearing aid service here in Sidmouth so call us today on 01395 519850 to book in your free hearing test and to help your hearing!

About Our Hearing Aid Services in Sidmouth:

As a private hearing aid company we able to offer a full audiological service.

We offer these three core services:

  • Free hearing tests, checks and assessments (whether in the clinic or through a free home visit)
  • Supply the latest digital hearing aids from all the top brands at ggreat prices. 
  • Provide a comprehensive aftercare programme so that you can get the most out of your hearing aids

Why you may need a free hearing test:

Hearing loss is a very common problem - in fact, it is estimated by Action on Hearing loss that around 1 in 6 of us in the UK has some form of loss.

Did you know that this might be you without even knowing about it?

  • Do you get told off for having the volume up too loud when you are listening to music, the radio or when you are watching the TV?
  • Do you sometimes feel left out of conversations with your friends and family?
  • Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves repeatedly?
  • Do you struggle to hear your doorbell?
  • Do you struggle to make out what is being said against a backdrop of noise such as in a busy café, restaurant or family party?

If you said yes to any of these, these are just a few indicators or signs that you may be experiencing some kind of hearing loss.

A free hearing test performed by a fully qualified audiologist is then the only sure-fire way of knowing if you do have some kind of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a gradual process which means that you may have found coping methods to help cover your loss, but at some point when the loss gets below a certain point the best way of helping with your hearing is with a hearing aid.


Book Your Free Home Hearing Test - Click Here

Why you should get a hearing aid with us:

  • As a private hearing aid supplier, we are able to supply you with hearing aids which have been fitted with all the latest technology and which come in a wide variety of designs.​
  • We can help you find invisible, digital hearing aids or any kind of aid which suits your own hearing levels and personal preferences. The hearing aid audiologist will go through this based on your test results.
  • The hearing aids we can supply are very modern and can even be compatible with a range of devices such as mobile phones and computer tablets to allow you to stream audio directly into your ear.​
  • The aids we can supply can be altered and adjusted in a wide variety of ways to help you get your hearing back as close to natural as possible.​
  • When you purchase hearing aid through us, you are also entitled to a lifetime of aftercare as standard and are eligible to receive our five star service.

Ways to help your hearing before you visit us in Sidmouth:

If you are unsure whether you need your hearing checked or if you would simply like more information before contacting us, you can either try our simple online test or request a free hearing aid consumer guide.


The free online hearing test

This is a very quick and simple way of understanding whether you may have hearing loss.

The test is designed to give you a quick indication only and is not a replacement for a full hearing test.

Important notes about the test:

  • It will only take less than 5 minutes
  • It is best when used with headphones
  • Fill out the form after your done and we can discuss how we might be able to help your hearing further

N.B. The online test is hosted on the ReSound website and clicking the button above will open up the test on their website.

The free hearing aid consumer guide

This brilliant guide is completely free and will be delivered straight to your door.

It contains:

  • Side by side comparisons of current hearing aid models
  • Guides to features of hearing aids
  • A guide to hearing aid styles
  • A way to gain a deeper understanding of how hearing aids work

To request yours, simply click on the button below:



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Our address:

Hearing & Mobility
75 High Street sidmouth, Devon EX10 8LD
Phone: 01395 519850