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Hearing & Mobility

182-186 Robin Hood Lane
Hall Green
West Midlands
B28 0LG

Tel: 0121 777 8383
Email: hallgreen@keepable.co.uk

Opening Times

Monday     09:00 to  17:00
Tuesday     09:00 to  17:00
Wednesday     09:00 to  17:00
Thursday     09:00 to  17:00
Friday     09:00 to  17:00
Saturday     09:00 to  17:00

We are near Tesco Express.
Free car parking is available in front of our shop.

Hearing & Mobility Birmingham - Your local hearing & mobility aid shop


Hearing & Mobility Hall Green Birmingham Entrance

About our Hearing & Mobility Aid Products & Services In Birmingham

Located on Robin Hood Lane, we have recently revamped our shop to accommodate an even greater range of mobility aids to help those with disability or mobility impairments.

Supplying everything from mobility scooters, electric beds & stairlifts to smaller everyday living items such as walkers and wheelchairs, our experienced staff will ensure you get the perfect aid to help keep you able and independent.

We are not just a mobility aid supplier however; our experienced hearing aid audiologist Carly Kennedy is also here to assess all aspects of your hearing. She can provide a complete hearing aid solution package, from offering free no obligation hearing aid tests to providing a wide variety of the latest and greatest hearing aids for sale. Ring ahead and book an appointment today!

I look forward to your visit!

Julie Clarke, 

Shop Manager


About Our Hearing Tests And Hearing Aids In Birmingham - Call 0121 777 8383 for more details



As an independent hearing aid supplier we can help deal with you deal with your hearing from an initial free hearing test to our great aftercare.

Should you wish to understand more about your own hearing and to find out what hearing aids may be required for your situation, you can come and visit us in confidence as our dispenser Ms C Kennedy is a fully accredited member of The British Society of Hearing aid audiologists (the BSHAA) and also The Health and Care Professions Council (hpcp).

Hearing loss is a very gradual process, but you may have noticed that you have started to experience real difficulty with your hearing recently.

Some of the tell-tale signs include having to frequently get people to repeat what they say, receiving complaints from those around you that you have music, the radio or the television volume up or being unable to pick out individual voices easily in a loud group situation (such as a party).

Free Hearing Tests in Birmingham

We offer completely free hearing health checks in and around Birmingham – you don’t even have to come in to our shop as our audiologists can perform the required tests in the comfort of your own home.

Simply get in touch with us to arrange an appointment or use the button below to fill out our simple form.

To get started, please contact  us in any way you feel like – you may wish to simply call us on 0121 777 8383 or you can email us, or you can fill out the online form further down this page - our hearing department can make all of the necessary arrangements for you.

Don’t worry about feeling pressured into going any further than the test as all of our hearing tests are performed without any further obligation.


Book Your Free Home Hearing Test - Click Here

What hearing aids will I receive?

As we are independent, we are not tied in to any one brand in particular which enables us to offer a wide range of aids to suit your exact situation.

With five levels of digital hearing aid on offer (from economy through to premium) from top brands such as GN ReSound, Phonak and Starkey, we can match the perfect aid to suit your hearing based on your test.

We split our digital hearing aids into the following categories:

  • Economy – Giving high fidelity sound quality, they are cosmetically designed to suit your lifestyle and are made to exactly fit an individual’s hearing loss. These can also be modified at a later stage should your hearing change
  • Essential – Like the above, but contains leading digital technology to assist in noisy environments. The essential range gives you greater clarity when listening to the radio, watching television and gives enhanced clarity in group situations.
  • Performance – Owing to their higher sound fidelity, these aids offer superb speech understanding and are ideal for people who regularly encounter background noise.
  • Advanced – Offering amazing advances for reducing noise and detecting speech, these hearing aids can communicate with each other and make adjustments if required to one side (for example, in restaurants, while driving or being the passenger in a car or in social gatherings).
  • Premium – Offering the next best thing to natural hearing, these aids offer the ultimate in speech understanding and offer all of the features above. They offer best-in-class performance, give authentic sound quality and are manufactured to the highest of standards.


Our Free Online Hearing Test

If you have any concerns at all about your hearing and want to know whether you need an in-depth hearing lest, our free and fast online hearing test can give you peace of mind in well under 5 minutes.

The test is extremely simple and will give you a quick screening of your current hearing levels. At the end of the test it will give you an indication of whether you may or may not be suffering from hearing loss.

Hearing loss is much more common than you think so it is very important that everyone gets their hearing checked regularly.

This test is a great (and free) first step towards doing just that right in the comfort of your own home!

To get started, simply click on the button below:



Details of our mobility aid services for Birmingham - Call 0121 777 8383 for more details

At a quick glance, here are an overview of our mobility products:

  • Walking aids
  • Daily living aids
  • Aids to help in the kitchen
  • Incontinence products
  • Mobility scooters
  • Riser recliner chairs
  • Cosyfeet slippers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Powerchairs
  • Stairlifts
  • bathing & toileting aids

Assessments & Demonstrations

When you visit us, we want to ensure that you are matched up perfectly with the right mobility aid to suit your needs which is why we also offer totally pressure free no obligation demos on various items (such as the riser recliner chairs, wheelchairs, high backed chairs and mobility scooters etc).

Getting properly assessed is very important as some things require close attention to your personal requirements – for example, when sizing up a riser recliner chair it is crucial that the dimensions of the chair properly suits your frame in order for you to be comfortable and properly supported in the years to come where you will be using the chair!

Great Aftercare

We know that anytime you purchase something with moving parts, you want to know what aftercare is on offer before purchase and where you will stand afterwards.

To put your mind at ease, the Hall Green shop is covered by our two roving engineers Luis and Steve who are experienced and knowledgeable about all things mobility and are here to help you should anything go wrong.

For added peace of mind, if the item you have is still under warranty, it is even possible to arrange a repair (be it a stairlift or a wheelchair etc) at your home for free!

If you would like to know more about this service, please do call in and we will be able to explain anything that you are unsure or anything that you wish to know more about in much more detail!

Daily Living Aids

We don’t just supply the big ticket items however, we also have whole host of daily living aids to help you keep able and independent.

Stocking everything from Cosyfeet slippers & incontinence aids to bathing equipment, cushions and kitchen aids, we will have something for anyone who struggles with mobility.

To get started with helping to make your life easier, why not ask for our free information on both stairlifts and scooters by clicking on these buttons and filling out the simple form:


The mobility scooter guide is a great way of learning all about them before you visit us here in Hall Green. Simply click on the button and request yours for free today.


The free stairlift guide will also let you get great information delivered straight to your door for free. Simply click on this button and request yours now:

How to find us:

Hearing & Mobility
182-186 Robin Hood Lane, Hall Green Birmingham, West Midlands B28 0LG
Phone: 0121 777 8383


By Bus:

We have a bus stop just outside us here on Robin Hood Lane. The stop is called Highfield Road Island and is served by the number 5 and number 76 National Express coaches.

For more information on these services please consult the West Midlands National Express website:

The Number 5 Birmingham – Solihull Service

The Number 76 Solihull – QE Hospital Service


By Train

Located nearby is the Yardley Wood train station - for accessibility & mobility details, please see the information found on the national rail website.

To reach us after exiting the train, simply enter Highfield road, then head right and walk until you get to the roundabout where you will be on the corner with Little Robin’s Nursery and Highfield Chippy. We are just down alongside this road, just past the Tesco Express and motorcycle shop. All in all it is a 0.4 mile walk.


By Car

We have a built in direction finder in our map above to get step by step instructions on how to find us – simply enter your details into the ‘direction from’ box and the map will generate a list of instructions for you.




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