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Hearing & Mobility

2a Merthyr Road
South Glamorgan
CF14 1DG

Tel: 029 2069 1945
Email: cardiff@hearingandmobility.com

Opening Times

Monday     09:00 to  17:00
Tuesday     09:00 to  17:00
Wednesday     09:00 to  17:00
Thursday     09:00 to  17:00
Friday     09:00 to  17:00
Saturday     09:00 to  17:00

We are opposite the Plough Pub

The Cardiff Hearing & Mobility Shop – The leading mobility equipment & hearing aid supplier in Whitchurch

  • Manager: Jan Taylor
  • Engineer/Specialist Wheelchair Advisor/Sales Advisor: Ben Taylor
  • Sales Advisor: Sue Hawkins
  • Audiologists: Louise Moss & Steve Williams

About The Hearing & Mobility Cardiff Shop:

Open since 2005, our store manager Jan herself has worked in mobility for over 20 years.

The Cardiff branch has a huge range of mobility aids to choose from, supplying everything from electric bikes, mobility scooters & stairlifts to riser recliners, wheelchair and assorted daily living aids.

The store itself is quite large and has easy access for mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs so that everyone can come and view and try out our comprehensive range of products!


Why shop with us:

  • We are certified Motability dealers and we are the leading Motability experts in Cardiff
  • We have a huge selection of riser recliners armchairs to choose from.
  • We can provide a comprehensive hearing aid service via our two experienced hearing aid dispensers. If you book an appointment they can take you through helping your hearing, from providing free hearing tests to supplying hearing aids for sale.
  • We now also offer a microsuction wax removal service
  • We have a chiropody specialist right here in store.
  • Our experienced engineer provides a total service and repair on scooters, stairlifts, power chairs & bath lifts
  • We have a huge range of the lovely Cosyfeet slippers
  • We can offer a bespoke service on manual wheelchairs, armchairs and powered wheelchairs
  • We also offer a huge range of smaller everyday living aids as well (such as tri-walkers & walking sticks)


Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests In Cardiff - Call 029 2069 1945 for more details 



Receive a FREE hearing test in the Cardiff store or in the comfort of your own home!

Your hearing health is very important so we start every consultation with a totally free hearing test.

You can book in your test by clicking the button above or by clicking this link:

Book Your Free Hearing Test Here

With many years of experience, we can perform give you a thorough examination of your hearing and we can offer the very best personalised advice on which hearing aids would be suitable for your particular situation.

However, you don’t even have to come into the Whitchurch shop to receive the test. If you get in touch with us, we can arrange for one of our hearing aid audiologists to come and visit you in the comfort of your own home!

This is also free of charge – just get in touch with us and we can make the necessary arrangements by calling 029 2069 1945

Book Your Free Home Hearing Test - Click Here

Get The latest Digital Hearing Aid Technology In Cardiff

As we are an independent hearing aid specialist, we are not locked in to a designated supplier.

This means that we can offer a huge range of digital hearing aids which contain amazing new technology.

For instance, we can supply a hearing aid which can re-adjust its focus after reaching a certain decibel limit to adjust for particular hearing deficiencies or offer a kit for connecting a Bluetooth transmitter to a telephone to let you know the phone is ringing right in your ear!

These are just a couple of examples - there are a huge range of possibilities out there.

To learn more about hearing aids in general and to get side by side comparisons of the hearing aids currently available on the market, request your free consumer guide by clicking the button below:



We split our digital hearing aids into the following categories:

  • Economy – Giving high fidelity sound quality, they are cosmetically designed to suit your lifestyle and are made to exactly fit an individual’s hearing loss. These can also be modified at a later stage should your hearing change
  • Essential – Like the above, but contains leading digital technology to assist in noisy environments. The essential range gives you greater clarity when listening to the radio, watching television and gives enhanced clarity in group situations.
  • Performance – Owing to their higher sound fidelity, these aids offer superb speech understanding and are ideal for people who regularly encounter background noise.
  • Advanced – Offering amazing advances for reducing noise and detecting speech, these hearing aids can communicate with each other and make adjustments if required to one side (for example, in restaurants, while driving or being the passenger in a car or in social gatherings).
  • Premium – Offering the next best thing to natural hearing, these aids offer the ultimate in speech understanding and offer all of the features above. They offer best-in-class performance, give authentic sound quality and are manufactured to the highest of standards.


Great Hearing Aid Aftercare

Purchasing a hearing aid through us just the first step for us, not the last.

After receiving your hearing aid you will be eligible for a lifetime of aftercare.

You will find that it may take many weeks to get used to your hearing aid, and in this time we can help you get to ‘retune’ you to your new aid with follow up appointments.

We also provide an annual check-up, which is very important as you can discuss with us how your aids are performing for you over the long term and to see how we can service your aids to see if we need to make any further adjustments.

We will always strive to ensure that you receive the optimal performance from your hearing aids as we believe that having the ability to hear more clearly is a right, not a privilege.

Don’t put off helping your hearing any longer – if you live in or around Cardiff just contact us and book you in to your free hearing test today!

Call 029 2069 1945 for any further information.

Take Our Free Online Hearing Test

If you have any concerns at all about your hearing and want to know whether you need an in-depth hearing lest, our free and fast online hearing test can give you peace of mind in well under 5 minutes.

The test is extremely simple and will give you a quick screening of your current hearing levels. At the end of the test it will give you an indication of whether you may or may not be suffering from hearing loss.

Hearing loss is much more common than you think so it is very important that everyone gets their hearing checked regularly.

This test is a great (and free) first step towards doing just that right in the comfort of your own home!

To get started, simply click on the button below:

N.B. The online test is hosted on the ReSound website and clicking the button above will open up the test on their website.


Mobility aids and mobility services for Whitchurch, Cardiff - Call 029 2069 1945 for more details  

Providing mobility aids both large and small, we are here to help you maintain your independence and to help me like easier.

Below is just a quick overview of some of the mobility aids we either stock or can help source for you – simply give us a call on 029 2069 1945 for more details.

Details of our mobility aid services:

  • Daily living aids such as furniture raisers, extra loud telephones, walking sticks, grab rails etc.
  • Walking aids (such as rollators and tri-walkers)
  • Manual and self-propelled wheelchairs
  • Electronic riser and recliner armchairs
  • Aids to help with toileting, incontinence and bathing
  • Cosyfeet slippers
  • Kitchen aids (such as specially designed pans and cutlery etc.)
  • Class 2 and class 3 mobility scooters
  • Powerchairs
  • A full aftercare and maintenance service – contact us for further details on this
  • Any kind of aid to help you to make life easier for you either in or out of the home!

Cardiff Stairlift Installation:

When using your own home has become an issue and you struggle to get up and down the stairs in safety, you should invest in a stairlift.

You can book in a free installation quote by clicking on the following button:


You can also stay one step ahead by requesting your totally free stairlift consumer guide as well.

We will post one out to you for free - just fill out your details by clicking on this button:


Riser & Recliner chairs:

Mobility Scooters In Cardiff

Whether you require a class 2 scooter (a ‘pavement scooter’) or a class 3 scooter (ones which are capable of going on the roads and can go at up to 8mph), we can supply them for you here in Cardiff.

If you contact us and let us know your requirements or needs before you visit us we can help you narrow your options down and help you understand what mobility scooter would be ideal for you.


Free home trials on mobility scooters

If you can’t make it to the shop or if you simply would find it more convenient, did you know that you don’t even have to visit us here in the shop to try one out? If you live within a reasonable distance from Cardiff we can actually arrange for our engineer to come out and visit you for absolutely no charge.

Again, depending on what one you require we can load up the type of scooter you require onto the van and then they will demonstrate the features for you and will instruct you on how to use it safely.


Get a scooter on Motability

This is a wonderful scheme to help those who deserve it to get mobile. You can read more about it by visiting this page, but essentially if you receive the higher rate of mobility allowance you can use this to offset monthly payments against your scooter.

The whole thing is so simple to set up, but if you would like more information on this we can explain the process in detail with you. Don’t let price be a barrier to making your life easier.


If you would like any further information on mobility scooters our shop is open here in Cardiff from 9am to 5pm Monday.

Alternatively, why not request the free mobility scooter consumer guide and get the latest mobility scooter information delivered to you for free.

Simply click on the button below and fill out your details - it won't take more than a couple of minutes!


How to find us:

Situated in the Whitchurch area of Cardiff, we are easily accessible from good bus, train and road links.

The shop is very near a bus stop and depending on the direction of travel is served by the 24, 24A, 25 & 25A routes – for more detailed information, please contact the Cardiff Bus company.

We look forward to your visit!



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