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Hearing & Mobility

91 Poole Road

Tel: 01202 540852
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We are opposite Iceland

Offering a great range of hearing & mobility aids in Bournemouth, we are here to help you keep able

About Us

Conveniently located on Poole Road (just opposite Iceland), our shop is here to provide you with a full range of hearing and mobility related services to help you keep able and independent.

Whether you require a mobility aid or a hearing aid and are based in or near Bournemouth, our knowledgable, friendly and dedicated staff here on the south coast are here to help you in any way they can.

If a lack of mobility is restricting you in daily life or if your hearing leaves you unable to communicate effectively, please call in on us here in the shop or contact us via the phone and we will see whether our services can help you to improve your independence!


An overview of our services:

  • Motability: As an authorised Motability dealer we can offer a range of mobility scooters from compact boot models all the way up to the 8mph road Legal class 3 scooters.
  • Mobility Scooter Hire In Bournemouth: Enjoy the sights of sunny Bournemouth by renting out one of our mobility scooters. Givce
  • Hearing Aids: We can supply you with all kinds of modern digital hearing aids. You can use our contact details to arrange a hearing test and to discuss your particular needs.
  • Powerchairs: We can provide power-chairs which are entirely tailored to your needs. As a part of this we offer suitability assessments and advice at every stage which is all backed up with our aftercare service from our in house engineer..
  • Walking aids: We stock the ever popular Lightweight tri walker in several colours to help you maintain your independence and confidence when out and about.
  • Stairlifts: We carry out no obligation assessments and provide quotes for stairlift Installations
  • Wheelchairs: We also hire out self-propelled/transit wheelchairs, mobility scooters, tri walkers and rollators should you be in town on a short visit. Please ring us and get in touch to let us know about your own particular situation so that we can arrange something for you.
  • Aftercare & Servicing: We may also be able to offer service and repair on wheelchairs, scooters and stairlifts.
  • Riser/Recliner Chairs: We stock a range of rise and recline chairs and offer home demonstrations and delivery and installation.


Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests In Bournemouth - Call 01202 540852 For More

Our resident hearing aid dispenser is here to help with all aspects of your hearing health.

Although our base is in the Bournemouth shop, he is actually free to travel to your home at your convenience to help you with your hearing.

If you live in the area and think that you or a loved one are experiencing difficulties with hearing loss or if you are simply interested in learning more about hearing aids, you can book yourself in for a totally free hearing test by clicking on the free hearing test button.

Book Your Free Hearing Test In Bournemouth by Clicking Here & Filling Out Our Simple Form:

General Hearing Loss Information

It is estimated that around one in six people in the UK have some form of hearing loss, many of whom are unaware that there is a problem.

Do you ever notice any of these things?

  • That you feel isolated because you can’t communicate effectively with friends, family and loved ones?
  • Do your friends or family tell you off for having the music or tv volume up too loud?
  • Do you have to frequently ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do people text or ring your mobile because you can’t hear your doorbell?

These are just some tell-tale signs which may show that you have a either mild, moderate or heavy hearing loss.

There are many other signs, and some can be actively dangerous such as not hearing a moving car as you cross the road or being unable to hear a smoke alarm.

If you even suspect that you may have loss you shouldn’t ‘cope’ with it. Contact our Bournemouth shop and ask about our free hearing tests and get the information you need.

The test is FREE, with NO OBLIGATION and can be performed in YOUR OWN HOME.

Book Your Free Hearing Check Here


Book Your Free Home Hearing Test - Click Here

Request your free hearing aid consumer guide

If you would like all the latest information on hearing aids for free, then this detailed but easy to read guide will be ideal for you.

Containing a huge amount of information on hearing aid technology in general as well as side by side comparisons, if you are thinking of getting a hearing aid or a hearing test, then this guide might be the ideal starting point.

Best of all, it is totally FREE!

Get yours delivered straight to your house by clicking on this button and filling out the quick form:

Take Our Free Online Hearing Test

If you have any concerns at all about your hearing and want to know whether you need an in-depth hearing lest, our free and fast online hearing test can give you peace of mind in well under 5 minutes.

The test is extremely simple and will give you a quick screening of your current hearing levels. At the end of the test it will give you an indication of whether you may or may not be suffering from hearing loss.

Hearing loss is much more common than you think so it is very important that everyone gets their hearing checked regularly.

This test is a great (and free) first step towards doing just that right in the comfort of your own home!

To get started, simply click on the button below:


Mobility Aids & Mobility Services In Bournemouth - Call 01202 540852 for more

Daily living aids Although far too numerous to list here, we have a huge selection of mobility aids to help you make day to day life easier. Whether it is something small like a useful grabber to help you pick things off the floor or off shelves, toileting aids, kitchen aids to help make cooking easier or safer or something else to help with you mobility, we have a host of products to help you with your independence.


Mobility scootersOne of the best ways of regaining your independence when mobility has become a problem, a scooter can help you get where you need to go. Whether you need one to help you get round the supermarket or a larger one which can go on the road, we can help you find your ideal mobility scooter.


Motability services This is a fantastic scheme which is aimed at getting everyone mobile and independent. This scheme allows you to use either part or all of your Disability Living Allowance to offset the cost of an electrically powered vehicle such as a mobility scooter or a powered wheelchair. To see whether you qualify, please click here.


Stairlift quotes & installation A life changing mobility aid, a stairlift gives you back access to your whole house if you have found that you are becoming more confined to the ground floor of your house because getting upstairs has become difficult or dangerous. To get started you can apply for a stairlift quotation simply by giving us a call or by requesting a call back by filling out this simple form.


Wheelchair hire and sale We offer the ability to rent out mobility items such as wheelchairs to help you enjoy Bournemouth’s wonderful scenery. If you are visiting and you can’t take your wheelchair, please contact us and we will arrange to se whw3ther we can help you get a chair for the duration of your stay. For rates, pleas call. We can of course supply all kinds of wheelchairs both manual and


Fantastic aftercare and servicing Our engineers are on hand to help deal with your mobility aids long after they have left our shop. They can visit you to provide all the servicing and repair and upkeep you require and we can help source you parts you may need down the line. Contact us for more details on our aftercare services.

Request One Of Our Free Mobility Guides & Services Here:



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Hearing & Mobility
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Phone: 01202 540852