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The Hearing & Mobility 2015 Spring Sale!


Welcome to our latest sale - On this page we have listed all of our latest offers on a great range of mobility aids to help improve your independence at great prices.

Available to be picked up in the shops as well as viewed here online, we have provided you with our latest flyer which details all of the great products we have on offer for this next month.

To aid you with your shopping experience we have broken down the flyer into clickable links which will take you through to each individual item so that you can view its specifications and products details as well as those all-important low prices.

However, if your not a fan of shopping online and you prefer to see things in person before purchase, all of these offers are equally applicable in all of our Hearing & Mobility (or Keep Able) branches!

If you are unsure exactly where your nearest one is you should be able to find it using our store finder page which can be reached by clicking on this underlined link (don’t worry about losing this current page as the link will open in a new tab so this one won’t disappear!).


Here is the flyer:


What's on Offer This Month?


Class 2 Mobility Scooters

Limited usually to around a speed of 4mph, these are a class of scooter which are ideally suited to shorter trips owing to their speed and the fact that they can only be ridden on pavements.

Of course, one of the big advantages that these all hold over the class 3 models of course is that they generally come with a lower price point! Also, as their name implies the 'boot scooters' can be folded away and stored easily in most cars so they can be easily transported as when required which makes them extremely versatile and easy to use.

Should cost be an issue however, remember that you can contact us about details about the Motability scheme which is a simple way of using the higher rate of the disability allowance to become mobile. To get more information on this scheme and how it can apply to you, please use either the form found in that link or give us a call!


The Pride Apex Rapid Boot Scooter – Now available for £750+vat

Click here or on the image for more details on this mobility scooter


The Invacare Colibri Boot Scooter – Also available for only £750+vat

Click here for on the image for more details on this Class 2 scooter


The Invacare Leo - £999 plus vat

Click here for more details on the Leo


Class 3 Mobility Scooter:

The Excel Galaxy is a ‘Class 3’ mobility scooter.

Suitable for lengthier trips owing to it's higher speed of 8mph and greater range, this scooter can be legally ridden on the roads (subject to conditions – please always check with the relevant authorities).

Offering a robust and comfortable platform on which to ride on, the Galaxy offers a wonderful way of enjoying your local area with a great level of independence.

Remember though that although you don’t have to pay vehicle tax for your 8mph scooter, you must register it with the DVLA by following the instructions as laid out on the government’s website - here is a handy link to keep which tells you how to go through this process.

Of course this model is also available on the Motability scheme.

The Excel Galaxy Plus 4 - £2500 plus vat

Click here for more details on the Excel Galaxy


Walking and Mobility Aids

As usual, we always have various items available on offer every month on various types of aids to help with walking and mobility.

One of the items that we are most excited about for this spring sale is the truly lovely 6 wheel shopping trolley, with its pink floral print finish. However, this model does not simply trade in looks for functionality.

With a one compartment design to make fishing out individual items easier, a flap to cover the top from adverse weather and an adjustable height handle to customise it perfectly to suit your own height, we think that this trolley will make a fantastic aid for a wide range of people. With savings of twenty pounds available it is also a great time to snap up a bargain for something that you will get daily use out of.

Available for only £29.99 including vat

Click here or on the image for more information on the ST-SIX-01 Shopping Trolley


Our other items available this month are some of our best sellers – a four piece folding walking stick and the ever popular tri-walker.

The folding walking stick comes in two different colours to suit your preference and can be easily taken apart to be transported unobtrusively (such as when you get on a bus for example).

Available at only £4.99+vat

Click here for more information on the walking stick, or on the image below:


The tri-walker also comes in a wide variety of colours and is one of the most popular items that we sell online because of a combination of its low cost and high functionality. Handy on a daily basis in and out of the home as well as extremely easy to use, this Days lightweight model is one of best ways of helping to regain independence!

Available for only £60+vat!

Click here or on the image below for more options and information on the Days tri-walker


Electric Bikes

Where it is applicable, you may request to view all the features and benefits that an electric bike can bring in one of our shops!

One of the more under-utilised way of keeping mobile, electric bikes are relatively little known in this country although they are extremely popular on mainland Europe.

If you are curious as to what electric bikes are all about we have created an in-depth guide to get you started on most things that you would need to know and to hopefully answer some of the questions that you may have about them.

To get more personalised advice based on your situation, why not get in contact with one of our shops and speak to one of our managers about organising some kind of demonstration today!

They are a fun way of keeping active and healthy as well as a great way of helping those with lower mobility to enjoy the pleasure of cycling again!

Hopefully that is some food for thought this month and that something will catch your eye!

Our shops are all open six days a week from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday so hopefully you will get a chance to pop in and view some of these products. Of course, all of our branches are packed from head to toe with a huge range of products at great prices to help people of all ages and abilities to live a more independent life.

Of course, when shopping online there are no ‘opening hours’ so please feel free to click to these products as well as our huge range of products at your leisure. We are a real company with real shops and not some fly-by-night online only shop so you should feel completely safe when purchasing from us!

Thank you for your custom.



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