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How To Choose the Right Powerchair For You

A Powered Wheelchair may be suitable for you if:

  • You need to use it all the time including around the home
  • You need to be hoisted into your vehicle
  • You may damage your shoulders and arms by using a handle bar style control unit.

Or if you require any of the following:

  • Dual controls ( where someone else is required to help control your powered wheel chair
  • Any form of leg rest or support
  • Joystick style controls

Normally, you will find a powered wheelchair is more specialised than a scooter as it can be adapted to an individual’s needs. If you want a powered wheelchair make sure that your local dealer knows of this so that they can arrange for a specially trained member of staff to attend to you and provide the right range of chairs for you to try out.


These have seats and controls. They can be folded to go into a car.

Standard Powerchairs


These have a standard design but some adaptions fitted.

Standard Plus Powerchsirs


Specially made for your needs by a specialist power chair manufacturers

Custom built Powerchairs

We can supply and install powerchairs to any location across the UK. Please complete the following form for more information...

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