Cosyfeet ShoesCosyfeet Extra Roomy footwear is designed to be the most comfortable footwear available for anyone with swollen or extra wide feet. You can choose from footwear made from stretchable fabrics suitable for feet that swell during the course of the day, comfortable shoes made from natural and breathable fabrics as well as those made with minimal seaming, made to be gentler on tender feet.

Extra Roomy Footwear, Socks and Hosiery

Wider and deeper than anything you'll find anywahere else, Cosyfeet footwear is ideal if you need extra room to accommodate bunions, swelling, problem toes, bandaging or very wide feet.

Socks for Swollen, Sensitive or Extra Wide Feet and Legs

Cosyfeet men’s and women’s socks are designed for anyone who is looking for extra comfort or relief from problem feet. We have fabulously warm socks made from botany wool, circulation-boosting travel socks and super stretchy Simcan Comfort Socks, in fact socks made for every eventuality.

Cosyfeet Hosiery Designed for Comfort

Suffering from swollen or painful legs doesn’t mean you must suffer ill-fitting hosiery. Cosyfeet hosiery is made in standard and extra roomy sizes suitable for summer and winter, so whatever style of hosiery you are looking for we have comfortable solutions to suit your needs.

Foot Care Solutions

If you suffer from foot pain, we have foot care products to help ease your discomfort. Over 8,000 health professionals recommend our foot care products to their clients, because many of the products we sell have been developed by us in response to specific healthcare problems.

Leg & Body Comfort

Good foot health for all ages

Not only do we provide an unrivaled selection of foot comfort products, but we also provide a choice of products which will help body comfort including backs and hips. Conveniently placed in one easy to use section to enable you to compare products and make the correct choice for your needs.

Clothing & Accessories

Designer clothing for people with disabilities. Carefully designed by Allana with easy access fastenings and easycare fabrics – feel good about how you look.

Easy Living

From time to time we may need a little extra help with every day activities. Our easy living range provides you with some tried and tested items to help you along the way.

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