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Household living aids to help you regain independence.

This great range of products is all about helping you to enjoy your home with the greatest amount of freedom possible.

As you can see, the household range of aids spans everything from the practical such as tap turners and grab rails to help with essential daily tasks to the more everyday items such as reading aids and writing aids to help you enjoy your leisure time.

Do you struggle to pull plugs out of the wall? Inside our home accessories category you will find a whole range of simple yet inventive solutions to this problem.

Similarly, do you struggle to reach items on the floor or on top shelves or in other awkward to use areas? We have a huge range of grabbers with various types of triggers and heads to suit different levels of mobility impairment.

Eternally vital in many homes, we have provide a truly comprehensive range of grab rails to help give confidence back those who require some help with their mobility.

Whatever you struggle with when getting the most out of your own home, we hope that we can supply you with one of our great household living aids so that you can regain some confidence and independence. If you can’t find exactly what you are after though, please do give as a call where we will be happy to try and find the right solution that fits your situation.