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Personal Hygiene & Cleaning

Made to greatly increase hygiene in a variety of situations, these products variously help to fight against the risk of cross-infection, sterilise surfaces and to help take preventative measures against risk from disease.

Helping out in a variety of locations and situations, these product provide various innovative and novel ways of dealing with waste and hazardous materials.


Liquid to gel

  • One of the more unique products available in this range is the Vernagel powder which transforms fluid into a gel.

It works by soaking up loose fluid and then turning it into an easier to manage solid which helps to trap and minimise any unwanted odours as well as to reduce the risk of spreading illness. Available in various forms (either as a loose powder or as sachet packets) to suit your particular requirements, the powder can either be applied onto the fluid after the event or it can be put in place in a repository for waste such as urine bottle before use.

  • Another product which transforms liquid to a gel is the very useful CareBag.

The outer liner creates a watertight seal all around most types of bed pan whilst the inner padded liner not only absorbs any fluid which comes into contact with it but also turns it into gel in seconds.

Like the Vernagel, this not only creates an easy to manage solid but because the outer liner is circled with a drawstring which allows the contents to be simply collect tightly and securely inside the bag, ready to be disposed of using any appropriate means.

General Hygiene

The other products found in this section are more for general cleanliness and hygiene which is of course of the utmost importance, especially in a care or medical environment.

  • Gloves

Proving to be a vital addition to most situations requiring any kind of close personal care, Latex free gloves to provide a simple barrier between infection and bare skin which makes them ideal for dealing with bodily waste.

  • Hard Surface Cleaner

The Sterizar is a fluid which is perfect for sanitising a wide variety of surfaces in a wide variety of locations.

Alcohol free and Halal approved, this cleaner does not comprise on quality and results as it is an extremely durable cleanser which provides a great way of fighting against the spread of a wide variety of bacteria. Click on the product for more information on this.