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Was it so long ago that some of us were brought up in homes with no baths or inside toilet? It’s an amazing thought that some of us once had to go without what is now taken for granted!

Pretty much all of us now have access to a comfortable, clean bathroom these days and for good reason; bathing is a very important daily task for all of us.

However, whilst maintaining a good bathing routine may be important for all of us, it can often be a difficult process to achieve for those with low mobility. When it comes to bathing in general, all ages and all levels of personal movement ought to take due care and attention as accidents can happen in this seemingly innocuous room. It is obviously extra important however that people with ailments like low grip, movement and strength are given an extra amount of help to complete their bathing routines as safely as possible.

This is where our fantastic range of bathing aids comes into play; from bath steps to help you in, to a bath lift to lower you down and handles and grab rails to help you get out of the bath, we have almost every product to help you bathe in safety.

It’s very important to select the right equipment for the right situation in a whole host of places for those with low mobility, but extra care must be taken in this particular area. Feel free to browse our great range of bathing aids right here on our online shop, but if you would prefer to speak to someone before purchase, simply call 0800 0334 060 for any advice or queries which you may have.

Rubber ducks sold separately unfortunately!